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星期三, 8月 10, 2016
~~ flying away 8/10/2016 07:53:00 上午 ~~
Countdown India...
Another 11 days to India. Seriously not enough time.
And yes. Being ignore again by JQ. Well i find really rude. But that's okay it is not within my control how people behave and reply messages. J is a better person I think in that case. I shall not waste time.
I still got another paid shoot coming. The amount of time for photography editing will be a lot.

Things to do at work
- Joystick (done, but need more reading)
- Irs draft
- Code h.264
- Packing up - starts to do... 
- Time charging - done
- Npl this time and one day leave - done

Things to do personal
- Setted citibank bill later - done

Photography editing
- Xr photos editing and sending *** (100plus photos to go...)
- Charissa grad shot and editing (Booked gears, return on sat and buy water proof bag)
- Vietnam tour (x12)
- Bromo. Again. (x12)
- Swiss part (x12)
- Chamonix start (x24)
- Chamonix training phase (x24)
- Torino hut (x24)
- Royal traverse (x24)

Packing India
- Removing burrs - done pending slings 
- Gear washing and water reproof - done 
- Food list - done 
- Duffel packing
- Day pack packing

-updated on 11/08/16
-Updated on 16/08/16


星期一, 8月 08, 2016
~~ flying away 8/08/2016 01:09:00 上午 ~~
Drop 50bucks...
Finally back from camp5 and drop by mustafa to do India visa. Well 75 bucks and I was so careless I dropped my waterproof pouch with 50 bucks inside...

So waste time at there and like did 4 forms...
Well at least I am good and healthy. Friend got motorbike accident and hurt right leg badly. Need to physio to be back. Just only hurt my thumb. Lol nic and Samie reach mustafa same time as me. 2hours of wasted on the road... Back from kl.

Can only collect on 17 August. If anything wrong can't collect will miss the trip. Finger crossed.

Avoid the miss tile syndrome. Focus on what I have rather than what I don't. 


星期一, 7月 25, 2016
~~ flying away 7/25/2016 03:59:00 下午 ~~
Back from the Alps...
Coming back. First day resume work. Still able to managed. Just finished clearing emails. Now need to sort and write out the todo list so things can be more structured and able to do.

One more month to India. Need to stabilize my knees and strengthen need not make it worse. Need to break the boots too.

Love wise. Headache I must say. Just do what I can with what I have. Need to get my micro-business up that is the most important part.


星期一, 6月 20, 2016
~~ flying away 6/20/2016 10:45:00 上午 ~~
10 more days to Alps...
Well, both my knees I felt weak... should have added gym weight training but just too late. The ache and the tendon right knee issue.

Still got some more things to pack proper. Finally, got the Home 2.0 proceeded more. Parents bed arrived and I manage to resolved it despite having slight fever and headache. Lack of sleep sia. Eye bag all out. Throw out the 2x old bed and replace with a new queen size. Need to get spare bed sheet maybe. It is cotton not synthetic so better for non aircon not so hot. Sleep in master bedroom the ceilling is leaking like crazy now. Need to get it fixed!!! Goodwill repair scheme HDB.

Trip prepare
1. Packing - climbing gears, cooking gears, clothing, camera stuffs, charge pack, toiletry
2. trip planning
3. printing documents
4. upload GPS data into GPS
5. Find my compass, else buy**
6. Clean and pack my camera gears

Training (x2 per week with knee strengthening + 1 long run + 1 stairs)
1. Start gym today (but still sick and knee ache and not enuff sleep from packing...)
2. Interval today

Coy Work
1. Away email
2. safety function keyboard slew

Do list
1. JQ ask
2. Tidy up kitchen + study area
3. Pay CC bills and activate overseas usage
4. Dad phone recontract
5. Angbao prep + Dad coat

1a. pack med pouch + small pouch
4. Fleece finger gloves
5. Trekking boots***

Least important
1. upload photography tour + review posts
5. The 9 stakes left to deburred
6. Wash bag + 2 sleep bags


1. prepare for snoopy + flower- only done secondary haven't ask
3. Mother meds replenish polyclinic
5. Camera + lens cleaning
8. fix my suunto watch - bras basah complex 6337 7151 Hing Watch,
Morning star - does it but takes 1-2 months repair time

Done buy
1. Meds - motion sick, imodium - done
6. Lip balm - done
7. Sunblock - done
3. AAA, AA batteries
2. File smaller ones

1. mail sis letter - done
7. sling + stake - done


星期六, 5月 28, 2016
~~ flying away 5/28/2016 10:29:00 下午 ~~
Jiefu bday...
I'm glad FB reminded me it is my Jiefu bday. I make it a point to visit my sister. I also managed to visit JQ and my sister as well. Time is really running short. My Sister want to learn Office as her current job is going to gone.

I'm not sure will I be able to start my business. But she must take care of her money. Love doesn't need money. Well at least just the essential will be enough. I think it is Jiefu that is around and making me go visit my sister else she won't tell me her secret which I only found out 6 months late.
Well late better than never.

I also manage to walk pass and purchase a queen size bed for my parents. One step closer to Home 2.0 which included my home office which I can work from Home and can accompany my mother and push her to go exercise.

Finally, for the trip preparation going to the final phase. I got most of the needed items from online and local. But beach road army market is renovating and cleaning I'm unable to get my favourite ziplock bags. Should have got more. When I get back I will have one month to go and get. I wonder where can I get more of this ziplock.

As for the trip training, physically my both knees have weaken due to overtraining with load and stairs. I decided to stop and visited physio at Tanjong Pagar. Cost me 160 per session. Going for another 3 more. I need to redo my basic strengthening excercise like the lower back bridge, clam and foam roller on quad.

Also got contact from Brian to go tui na at the Yuhua area.

As for technical skills, I'm also not on par with them and I need to revisit and reacquired them. Even they taught me the repel. I think I will have big trouble as those skills are not with me. This is alpinism. It is lots of responsibility. Life at stake.


星期一, 5月 09, 2016
~~ flying away 5/09/2016 09:23:00 上午 ~~
2x photography tours...

Finally completed my second and third photography workshops :)

There are really too much information loaded and understand that to do travel photography business is not an easy work.

Key summary on the workshops. As I should be to the point. For both the similarities are, same lotsa of food to eat, tell setting but didn't tell why such setting. The purpose is to teach. Bring to key locations to shoot. Engage local for staged photography.

The things for improvement able to engage clients better and shooting by them and not too focus on ur own shoot I wonder is that possible.


星期一, 4月 18, 2016
~~ flying away 4/18/2016 03:56:00 下午 ~~
Upcoming photography tours...
Finally, rainbow falls with HTTB. Well indeed it is a great meetup group to join. Profit margin isn't that big as compare to some. During the trip i was using the black 2L waterproof bag she gave me. Well it is hard not to think of her. Giving myself some time to heal.

Need to get my belt system up so as to have things more accessible.

I really thinking should do Aconcagua.


星期四, 4月 14, 2016
~~ flying away 4/14/2016 10:48:00 上午 ~~
Missing her...
Almost 2-3 weeks after trek for hope, yup i'm officially missing you.

Well trying to get back to normal life by not giving her too much pressure and message. I not sure it is good or bad. But I just not sure what to do.

Work wise. Lousy. Struck at the visionhd card bug. Unable to extract data for the void pointer to bitmap data into a hbitmap than bitmap for opencv emgu drawing. Managed to solved it before rainbow trip. But still buggy and it is using a lot of resources. 21% CPU power vs 3% CPU... so not too good need to can this implementation.

Mountaineering. This two weeks felt i'm increasing better. Finally I completed with some cheats on the holder on the left. 15m onsight wall. Then I was climbing leading rope up for UTown. 5C. Indeed it is scary when u need to take the fall.


星期六, 4月 02, 2016
~~ flying away 4/02/2016 02:58:00 下午 ~~
Cold shoulder...

Given a cold shoulder doesn't really felt good. I guess it doesn't meant to be. I just want her to be happy and have someone that will look after her I realized now.

Still have lots of work to do myself.

Masterplan is lifeafter32 :)


星期一, 3月 21, 2016
~~ flying away 3/21/2016 07:59:00 上午 ~~
Trek For Hope...
Finally after 3 years, I did Trek For Hope. In Philippines Smokey Mountain.

This time even have Adelene with me. No expectation in this trip. But so much gain. Not only I get to spend more time with her. Probably my fault not asking more about her dreams and wishes in life.

I'm not sure will we head anywhere together. But I really feel for her more now.

For photography, I managed to do more for the pulag part as the sky was clearer there then in ugo area. I was so blessed to see milky way in horizontal and manage to do my first night panorama 9 shots on it. Stitched in photoshop photomerge.

Trek wise, I understand better than I need a personal guide to shoot more and navigate better. Trekking at my own pace.


星期四, 3月 10, 2016
~~ flying away 3/10/2016 07:45:00 上午 ~~
Remote Exposure
Read finished the adventure photography book by Alex Buisse. Very insightful to hiking and mountain photography.

Yesterday missed the solar eclipse. I wonder will I go shoot if I knee it would happen. Need welding glass or super dark nd filter in order to see it. Plus more zoom.

From the book, I learnt that I need a more convenient carrying system which will be a belt system. But think-tank I don't think o can get in sg.

The next key takeaway is being good and safe in climbing. Photography is always secondary to safety. As it take time to slow down to shoot. But in mountain time is always a precise commodity. Mountain is always there tomorrow make sure we are too.

Third is to find and create interesting angle for shooting. Like over the shoulder.

Always shoot in any weather including bad weather. Perhaps back then in Iceland I should have went out to shoot in Kirkjufell area. 


星期三, 3月 09, 2016
~~ flying away 3/09/2016 05:57:00 下午 ~~
Mar 16...
2016 Third month. Actually at work still very distracted. Currently working on 3 projects. Not so much work left. Suddenly work de-risking cause one project to be gone. Well bad was that I felt that job security indeed can simply just disappear. This is also true in the actual private sector.

The good side is I can focus on the main projects. Glad that I managed to get the NICVI library driver up too. At least some learning for myself.

Bad right ankle twisted. Sprain. Felt better but not 100%. From Tokwon descend, as I was not careful when resuming trek after waiting at the rock river bed area. The going up and coming down and accident twisted. Saw TCM twice. Well 塞翁失马 焉知非福, Dr Ace said i should take care my health more!
It was because my shoe laces was always loose as the thick laces are unable to tie tight. I should see it coming.

Indeed, now is using my health to work so hard. Going T4H soon. But still haven't pack. Leaving this Sunday.

Things to do:
1. Apo photos almost there
2. Nepal photos...

Signed up for Babbel and Udemy. Time to start. Should have signed AngularJS as it seems to help in becoming a full stack developer. So I can freelance soon. Need to read and settle the ACRA work soon!

Coming big expeditions need to start training. But need to rest my ankle.

1. 2x extender
2. Ethernet cable long x2
3. Adapter x1

Ice Climb gears
1. 2x trekking poles leki
2. Down booties

Army market
1. field Chair for time lapse - need to do a 2 hours one! using wide angle lens

Finding it overwhelming the amount things to do.
Let me simply list all the things i want to do if i can do all!

-Home + SOHO 2.0 cleaning up and revamp
-Sister side, mother side

Personal work
-Photography coy licence + TA $$$ raising
-its sustainable plan

Coding for Mother Earth

-Training resume
-Technical resume
-Rock climb level 2 resume - need to lead a 5C first!


星期四, 3月 03, 2016
~~ flying away 3/03/2016 09:04:00 上午 ~~


星期三, 3月 02, 2016
~~ flying away 3/02/2016 11:37:00 下午 ~~
Feb is so fast...

Feb has ended. Well sprain my ankle doing tokwon on the way back. When we have to stop because my friend was resting and letting other people to pass us. When I resume I wasn't careful and twisted my right ankle. Well it is still not fully okay. Still got the Philippines TrekforHope coming. Well still have a date two today. Need to prep the printer and teach. Fri need to demo. Crap. Sat need to collect and see if wan to check my ankle again.

I think I should. Haven't clean my gears still have a pile of it and my boots.

Really can feel the fatigueness of overdrive.

The real climb this year as well. Self supported. But still have so much to do. My mum seems like plenty of time and not doing anything. I have so much on the table.

What am I doing. Attended the date which only have one learning point that leading by example. Doing public transport and also taking public transport except the rushing for meeting to be send around.

Also finally did my first adventure Photography talk. Really long prep. Took me a month from publicity to execution.

Gave me more confidence to simply go on. But I just can't do so much. Need to focus on a few.


星期一, 2月 15, 2016
~~ flying away 2/15/2016 02:09:00 下午 ~~
Back from Apo CNY climb...
2016. January has just passed. 11 months to go. Actually half is gone. Coming up got another two more mini weekend trek. Just manage to edit Evon's photos. Omg 2 hours I really shoot like crazy so many to edit. Just minor editing but it took ages as there are many. Editing mainly the highlight, contrast and cropping/aligning the horizon, plus sharpening.

Did 1-2 star trails in Philippines. I guess it remind me of jiefu as I did one as I didn't want to procrastinate anymore.

Work to be done
1. xinrong photos
2. anna photos
3. apo photos

4. my slides ** this is more urgent as well


星期二, 2月 02, 2016
~~ flying away 2/02/2016 08:04:00 上午 ~~
Finally got back to the work and commitment in sg. But just 3 weeks from arrival back in sg is so fast! Work unable to deliver more work. Think I'm very distracted at work sometimes.

Unable to upload photos via this app and phone as it keep saying unable to find files....
Anyway, xt seems to be attached as I saw her fb post with a guy close to him with arm by waist. Well to be frank it is still hard now even it is like two months passed.

Done with the last weekend frenzy of photoshoots and pre cny steamboat dinner with family but this year less jiefu :(  life is indeed short.

I managed to take the plunge to rent a fx Nikon d750 and 70-200 f2.8 lens and I decided to throw in another 85mm f1.4 lens. Omg that is the best decision! It is a much better lens than earlier one the colour and speed.

Did one for my tmc friend xr and Al. Well it is fun I managed to apply some typical couple shots I saw online. But the piggy back it is nice by the side view. As for a solo lady it was much harder to get shots as she is wearing white and unable to sit on ground. The next family very on one bit I shld have done the wife hug husband and husband raise up child shot.

I was thinking to shoot another on sun morning before I return the gears rented. But got like 4 rejections from friends and also zh too so 5 in total but what is 5 when people fails even more than me! Then I uploaded my dad reading papers photos on personal Photography I saw evon from my piano expressway classmate like my photo again.

I decided to ask her too and she readily agree as sun morning she happen to be free!!! Omg!!! And we did like 2 hours so naturally with the flow. I managed to shoot from the tunnel behind and up reverse direction! Amazing experience!

Then I return the lenses and body on time and took train home as there was still time. The day before was much rush after the third shoot it was 4pm. I too cab to save some time as I need to meet d later in the evening. The date is great bingsu too!! We spent like 4 to 5 hrs chatting from 645 till 2200 hrs!! She is really a nice person!

Website is also done initial cut. And meetup event publicity too. Still own the instax checking... for trek for hope, delay by a day le. 

Monday evening a little wasted my time again as the WorldVentures came... lol what biz idea. i really dislike network marketing... i guess i was blinded by seeing another lady so to increase the number. Right keep saying it is a number game... haha..