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星期日, 12月 21, 2014
~~ flying away 12/21/2014 12:38:00 下午 ~~

Finally! Empty and moved the huge wardrobe to the side. Now walking to the master bedroom bathroom is straight path!

The floor is sooo black and dusty! So many years of dirt. Too tired to clean thoroughly. Only sweep and wet cloth wiped.

Still have a lot of stuffs to clear. Wow her stuff is like 37 years of stuff! Plus my 30 years of stuff. Later kitchen will be 30 years of stuffs if they moved in since i was born. 


The amount of paper bags is crazy. The packaging that comes with the stuff we bought. Stuff and stuff... really come to realise all these are pointless and we can't bring to our death bed. Why do we accumulate them...?

This is only tip of the iceberg as i have the kitchen, second room plus the study area.
Need to clear faster as i still have planning trip and buying stuff oopss... Pending


星期六, 12月 20, 2014
~~ flying away 12/20/2014 06:09:00 上午 ~~
Get up and do!

After date with xt, didn't do much at home. Went bed early like 10pm. Glad i woke up in time for xmas maxi run at 5am.

Perheps i am really overwhelmed and daunting by the sheer work and preparation for the winter gap trip and cleaning clearing at home.

Need to do 1 thing at a time!

Thinking to get the english cert and swim lesson in January!

Yesterday really felt like telling her that i starting to like her and would like to continue from there. Going forward i never did before that's scary.

Jiayou! Stop thinking and considering.  Focus on the task one at a time and go!


星期一, 12月 08, 2014
~~ flying away 12/08/2014 11:37:00 下午 ~~
One week past...
Finally one week has past, still feeling awkward when someone you was close to suddenly ignore you.
Well at least I felt much better. Will get better soon!
Went to had a dinner with my sister and her swiss husband. Well as thou i will be the one footing the bill as it is not nice for her friend to do so. Simply chucking 100 bucks and just running off is just bad.  Well is expensive 500bucks. With her 100 bucks offset. I still feel a pinch.
I just think that i wont be like her. If you want to organise and treat your friends dinner you should. Plain stingy and living in own world. Sorry for the rant. But i just need to vent.
2.4k plus 500 plus 200 esyn. So broke. Plus the travel to ijen another 1k. Really need to sit and plan.
Time to ignore all these craps and plan my life!
Coz we don't really remember this five years later right? ;)


星期一, 12月 01, 2014
~~ flying away 12/01/2014 01:42:00 上午 ~~

Lol being ignored for 2 days isn't something happy. Well its a good lesson thou. As we cant expect anything from people.


星期五, 11月 28, 2014
~~ flying away 11/28/2014 11:39:00 上午 ~~
No fear!
Too often, we fear of loss, rejection, failure, embarrassment, getting hurt, DNF and whatever under the sun, that we did not follow our heart and do what the inner voice so true!

Well it's late but never too old to start!

Must take charge and do what is right and what matter most! Else I will just regret when old for not trying.

As what Jim Carrey said, let's fail at something your like rather than what you don't like!

Going to start the SG50 Trek Series! Let's see what will happen as well as my Iceland trip plan!


星期一, 11月 24, 2014
~~ flying away 11/24/2014 08:19:00 上午 ~~
One more weekend coming before November ends.
Just did svm for the first 5th year in a roll i realised.
Svm timing
2010 16:20 mens 20 29
2011 15:29 men open
2012 13:23 men open
2013 13:21 mens 20 to 29
2014 13:04 mens 30 to 39
Meetup with quite a handful of people :) with TLC, and others. Thru the main organiser I found out that one friend whom i just met barely had a bad accident. Fell from 15m wall at onsight... omg luckily no head spinal injuries. Just jaw, right hand and leg hurt. Recovery will be long 1 year min.
Really need to be very careful as he was a frequent climber.
As for the heart, seems like she had gone colder after the gift to me. Is it over already? Cause i was hesitant? Well I really have no idea and just follow the flow and take it as stride.
Another problem coming home too when she even return for awhile. Seeing the fb messages are enuff to piss me off. But i kind of bochup attitude already as i just felt there are ao many things that i haven't do yet.


星期三, 11月 19, 2014
~~ flying away 11/19/2014 08:54:00 上午 ~~
Penang marathon!

My 2nd overseas marathon! 6:46 timing... a little sad as i didn't perform well. When I reach the turn point it was 3hrs. I knew I was latè. But this time the knee was too painful esp my left.

Pressed on but is reallt far and boring. Only the sunrise was good enough for photo while run.

Solo for travel but luckily during the run i was with imd gang and was able to board bus due to them mainly. Else i think i will still be in penang.

Back home, weridly after my dnd she is kinda cold in the message reply.  Well hope everything is okay.


星期三, 11月 12, 2014
~~ flying away 11/12/2014 08:12:00 上午 ~~
Gunung Pulai 2nd time

Went for a short easy climb. Glad to have meet more friends. I still haven't ask the question. Why am I so indecisive? Just not a 100% match...

Anycase I'm gping PBIM but I'm so not ready. Flight and accom both not settle! Plus the vertical and Iceland trip both not done up.


星期四, 11月 06, 2014
~~ flying away 11/06/2014 04:35:00 上午 ~~
Agung... so many unhappy incidents but good learning lessons. 1st trek too slow overconfidence nearly cost my life! Wind was so strong that blown me rolling over! About 5m sliding. Glad i stop in time only lost the len cap and the focusing spolit. Not my life! Omg! Grateful! Secondly, i shouldn't hav chiong out in the end got lost and lost my 200 bucks sunglasses... well sad but it's ok. Even spend so much of calls. Bills will be insane! Glad i got in flight still so go home and have a bath and restart! :) 

Climbed Gunung Agung, 3,031m! Wasn't able to summit as the wind was simply too strong!
The wind even caused me to fall and stumble down for couple of seconds! So thankful that I was stopped by force of nature. Nevertheless, the experience was great to have! We started at 12am via the Besakih route.
Thou it led to summit it was a much tougher route than I expected.
We should had started at 11am to ensure more time. Plus being guideless most of the time,
it was a great experience to venture on but would not recommended to do so as I had hard time finding
route up and was lost in the village when I exited the mountain for 2 hours as I didn't take more details into the briefing email. Grateful that the mountain gave me the test first then the lesson thereafter to comprehend!

“The difference between school and life? In school, you're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson.”
~ Tom Bodett 


星期三, 10月 29, 2014
~~ flying away 10/29/2014 01:27:00 上午 ~~


星期日, 10月 26, 2014
~~ flying away 10/26/2014 11:10:00 上午 ~~
Brought mother to see doc at polyclinic but en route home after lunch, she couldn't control her bowel... omg... really thankful for the lady who pass me extra tissue. Plus we went on foot not on bus.
We continued to walk slowly and we made it. I really need to think and do something!
Just did my 32k run 3:35. Just couldn't meet the cut. But manage to run as much as I can.


星期一, 10月 20, 2014
~~ flying away 10/20/2014 08:24:00 上午 ~~
Yes man again!

Well finally I sms my tkd junior after so long since I knew her new status. 

The regret recently for not checking email! Got kick out of event as I drag my payment! Well one thing good is that I have this lesson!

Need to regain more energy to do! Keep do! Start to do! Don't procrastinate already! :)


星期日, 10月 19, 2014
~~ flying away 10/19/2014 11:31:00 下午 ~~
Missing out...
Today felt double missing out. I didn't made it to Pulai climb as I missed the xfer on time... and I didn't go for the MR IMD run. Too tired from the drinking session.

I guess in life we have to gain and lose when we fail to keep up. Well I think is missing great chance to meet more people! adventurers!


星期二, 10月 14, 2014
~~ flying away 10/14/2014 11:12:00 上午 ~~
TNF 50K!
Completed 50K trail! 8:26! Couldn't finished in sub 8 hour as i was so tired at the last 10k and was super walking speed.
Starting off at 7. Should be 6am or warlier so we can go finished earlier too. Started running from MR and reached rifle range at 7 i think i knew i was going too fast and started to throttle down but just couldn't be too slow. I even walk as much as i can so i don't exhaust myself too fast. Then 1st u turn at buona vista then up again for 20k mark.
Then go up to dairy farm and zheng hua park for 30k mark i think.  Then straight up to mandai reached at ard 4:20 duration. Came back down it get very tiring already. Reaching Zhenghua was so happy! Keep doing my tiger rub ritual to ease my knees. Poles wise not too used to using them on the run.
Coming back to BT then rifle range all my friends caught up and overtake me as i couldn't maintain my pace. Not training enuff!
Then into MR ast u turn point before last 6km out.... it was 3pm already and super empty glad that i completed it within given time!


Came back from Padang, Indonesia from the weekend mountain climb :)
About 14km distance up and down. Kerinci trek 3805m. Here are the lessons learnt and gain so valuable!
Day 1 traveling
If long haul winding driving journey need to have motion sickness meds which i ate.
Day 2 start trek
Rain like crazy. Need to have a summit suit not just dry socks.
Day 3 summit push
Should hav brought up the tripod then the wide angle lens
Need to buy new shells and plus another mini thin shell and thermal pants and shell pant to wear
Chances to hit night hike and rain somemore. Luckily the fall in the night hike out was just any normal fall. Sometimes we need to insist help say not negotiable! Last light at 7pm.
Night packing need to have more trash bag plastic bag zip lock
Thanks to giving me the less bumpy seats for the 7 hrs ride out.
Staying at the back indeed is very tough but i endured and glad A was safe and sound and completed together. 3rd lady i came to mountain with. This time I was rather quiet and decide not too aggressive i guess that's not what i would do usually.


星期二, 9月 30, 2014
~~ flying away 9/30/2014 08:42:00 上午 ~~
Pelepah falls... 21k... 14k... 320 storeys....
Totally exhausted training weekend. Met another adventurer who is a vegetarian. I guess i have really to consider this so as to be a good endurance sports person. Our body will be more efficient in energy usage.
Going kerinci this coming weekend. Left knee ached. Overtrained... 7 hrs one whole Sunday is max for now. Need more gradual in my food and exercising regime.
As for the feb and mar next year, think going for the ice climbing course will do at langtang the additional peak i doubt i have time cause i still need to prep for iceland.
Things to do
1. Home cleaning up
2. Home reno
3. Knowledge tidying
4. Laptop and memory tidying
5. Will writing
6. Swim class
7. Dive class
8. Sing class
9. Mar onwards travel solo
10. Career when come back!
11. Love right? We all want to give and provide and hav a 知音 .