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星期六, 4月 05, 2014
~~ flying away 4/05/2014 09:42:00 上午 ~~
Chamomile "oh kosong"... super downpour!

A week after ultra tuc 60K for myself. Definitely a stretch since I didn't train really specific to it but for tmc in May. Seems like pototoes chip helps haha! 10 hrs ran. From 10pm till ard 8am plus. I decided to stop as I was feeling sick of the run, and didn't know what damage was done to my wrecked knee. Thou my lungs can still take it, my legs wasn't. 

Came to here for photography class but was cancelled last minute due to heavy downpour. I was almost reaching so I still continue on to walk in the rain. Cause I never been here before!

While on the train, read a nice share by Rainbow on being more productive in work smart not just hard.

MIT most important tasks, break into small manageable tasks, today vs someday tasks!

Later going movie first dinner later date with A! :) well the fate between people is really strange, unpredictable and so spontaneous! Whatever the outcome, we know each other will be great!


星期二, 4月 01, 2014
~~ flying away 4/01/2014 01:56:00 上午 ~~
Twlight utra!

Did my first ultra. 60K in 10:10:10. Didn't want to continue the race even there's like 2 hours more I can go. As wasn't sure I want to go for more as knee is really aching like mad as not sure what damage will be done since I didn't trained enough for it.

As for the software, unfortunately I have to handover as I wasn't able to deliver on time as it drag too long. Well it was clear the tender out was a faster option as I'm just not gritty enough to do it. Too much distraction and it wasn't my priority. 

Thou I fail again 3 times for side working I will not give up as this learning lesson is what I need!

A is really warm and initiate chat with me! Let's see how it all turns out eventually. Love is when it happen naturally! Well I have no comments as I haven't tasted it before really. But being neutral for so long changing seems good as I really aim that there is someone with me and we can grow old together.


星期六, 3月 29, 2014
~~ flying away 3/29/2014 06:54:00 下午 ~~
3 in 1...

Super pack day! Have to go work and got drenched. And again I shouldn't have alighted for cab... just not enough in peak hours!

Miss my environmental talk and photo class. Going for my sister farewell but late. Think is going to be great as meeting a tough photographer lady! Later at 8 then rush for my ultra 16 hrs!


星期三, 3月 26, 2014
~~ flying away 3/26/2014 07:29:00 上午 ~~
Things in 30!
Omg! 2 weeks to deliver first prototype for the web app! Top priority now!
Re run yii and see the adding of more UX form! Then nodejs seems to be more sound!

Double screw up! Not even able to claim on the date package as the fine print and I made payment beforehand. 

Things to do in my thirties!!


星期一, 3月 24, 2014
~~ flying away 3/24/2014 07:22:00 下午 ~~
Moving on...
Soon embarking on TMC in India! Being a Log/Admin IC still have the insurance not settle yet. Have been very hectic so far from training to music plus my unfinish tidying up of my personal space.

Really glad that one year on I met A via meetup. Thankful for her to took the courage to email me! Well she is really nice and sporty and I will jiayou! To be frank, this part of my life I feel pretty screw up. Am I too focus on my studies and work and family matters. Or just a shallow hal.... As always it's the priority in life we need to decide on.

Well, made another so call mistake on the purchase recently. Well 600 bucks for min 3 dates or more? I think I wasn't thinking anymore...

Indeed, need to start really curb my uncontrollable spending! First was the over insurance which cause me 5K and then was this! Plus my boots purchase. Need to change for a Ama Dablam down from Campers' well at least it was a colour and fitting S size for me!

Need to jiayou and focus! Insurance + Visa need to settle by Apr! Node.js too!


星期六, 3月 15, 2014
~~ flying away 3/15/2014 05:49:00 下午 ~~
Fire fighting...

When it is real is no kidding matter! Neex to be very cautious on this! Well at least I got my sunday back! So have lotsa stuff need to do and BYOS training!


星期一, 3月 10, 2014
~~ flying away 3/10/2014 11:37:00 下午 ~~
Get high!

Well, almost march going to end feeling. Still have so many things to do but just feel exhausted every single day!

Indeed, mir I was able to see a new world to mountaineering and how much shortfall I have in climbing and physical state. Mental state too.

Things to settle soon:
Photography course
Climbing course
Mountaineering skills

And list go on...
Guitar practice
Cleaning up/tidy up

Within these 2 months!

So scary to see what frostbite can do to our finger! Drink up! Don't let water freeze! Buy the bottle parka!!!


星期一, 3月 03, 2014
~~ flying away 3/03/2014 05:43:00 下午 ~~
3 in 1 weekend...

Finally, my last expressway course has ended! What a journey!  GE1 was stressful as it was the first. VE was tough but I did a smart move to pick the song guan huai fang shi. PE I was a little ambitious and took yi ran shi peng you and backfire as it is an emo song. But we learnt. I learnt to try something you are very familiar on stage.

Managed to go IT show at mbs. Got onto a photograph course!

Urbanathlon will surely be last as too many people. I was late for class too. But the final splash was great!

PE performance was bad like GE1 my pitching for sing still lousy to max! Neex to work hard! Because of this opportunity cost I wasn't able to train with team and miss chance to meet our PM in non formal setting! What a chance miss! 

Time to complete node.js before I go India TMC 2 months time. Need to work on my holiday vacation too. Calling J as well. Well she is a nice lady and I don't mind giving it a shot! Hope I'm not just desperate and genuinely want to know her more!

* Made the call last night after mir recovery training, well pick up I managed to arrange but later got rejected on wapp. At least I took that 20 sec of courage to try. Is okay and let's move on! 


星期四, 2月 27, 2014
~~ flying away 2/27/2014 01:31:00 上午 ~~
TMC preparation...

Yes, 22 days of Technical Mountaineering Course (TMC) at India is on its way!

Training is NUS for the past a month of so has been refreshing as a new environment to adapt and get to know new friends. Not a long time left and I'm arrowed to do administrative stuff. Well weird as I'm not a student there even to be started. But is okay. As mentioned it is depriving them from learning.

Back from dinner with Kili bros! Thanks for the treat! Next time I will do it.

Did the second round on-line purchase as I got the wrong carabiners size as need pear shaped one but is fine as now I have 3 spares. Still have more stuffs to buy such as sunglasses, go-pro, and going back to Beach road to get my traditional cheap and good items!

Need to hack my node.js within this 2 months as well!


星期一, 2月 24, 2014
~~ flying away 2/24/2014 08:41:00 上午 ~~
Not so ok but is ok!
Well not so ok as I kanna ignore message again... not juz 1 time but also in my friends as well. But is ok as need to be self sufficient. Strike 2 already. Will call for a strike 3.

But was really glad I trained at bth and met KERT lady! Well got an outing and it was changed date to today but great as I now then realised Friday I going to listen to sg pioneer in mountaineering!


星期四, 2月 20, 2014
~~ flying away 2/20/2014 01:22:00 下午 ~~
OK she is very nice!
Indeed, it wasn't so scary after all. Although recognizing her and making sure I don't scare her was the main thing!

We had dinner at Tampopo as I thought the opposite Taka side will be noisy in the end, children at the restaurant was shouting on and off. But it was manageable. We sat from 7 till 930. Well and she let me sent her home was hope she felt comfortable with me. Well, she has really sweet smile which yes melt me haha. Okay the deal to go on more dates. Still kind of irritated by my hair issue.

TMC coming!

Planning for a working visa! Age less than 35 still have chance! As most countries are most less than 30!


星期三, 2月 12, 2014
~~ flying away 2/12/2014 02:55:00 下午 ~~
What's in my backpack?
From the movie "Up in the air"...

Posted by Kit
*As of the date marking this post.
 2.Roller Bag
 3.Down Jacket
 4.Storm Jacket
 5.Ski Pants
 6.Wool Pullover
 7.Mid-weight Pullover
 8.Base Layer Top
 9.Base Layer Bottom
 10.Work Pants
 12.Track Pants
 13.Casual Pants
 15.Board Shorts
 16.Sports Jacket
 17.1st Mate Whites
 18.Light Polo Shirt
 19.Heavy Polo Shirt
 22.Tee Shirt
 23.Tee Shirt
 24.Tee Shirt
 25.Boxer Shorts
 26.Boxer Shorts
 27.Boxer Shorts
 28.Pair of Crew Socks
 29.Pair of Crew Socks
 30.Pair of Crew Socks
 31.Pair of Crew Socks
 32.Pair of Ski Socks
 33.Pair of Ski Socks
 34.Work Boots
 35.Trek Shoes
 37.Nice Shoes
 38.Boat Shoes
 39.Shoe Polish
 40.Sleeping Bag
 43.First Aid Kit
 45.Beard Trimmer
 46.Nail Clippers
 48.Heart-rate Monitor
 49.Resistance Bands
 50.Snowboard Bindings
 51.Snowboard Boots
 57.Bicycle Helmet
 60.Bicycle Cleats
 62.Ballpoint Pen
 63.Ballpoint Pen
 65.Graphite Pencil Set (6B-6H)
 66.Kneadable Eraser
 68.International Power Adapter
 69.External Drive
 70.Camera Phone
 73.Guitar Case
 75.Bank Card
 76.Frequent Flyer Credit Card
 78.State ID
 79.Social Security Card
 80.One Memory Bomb Footlocker (filled with secrets, keepsakes, unpublished work and heirlooms)


星期二, 2月 11, 2014
~~ flying away 2/11/2014 04:10:00 下午 ~~
GE2 and At work...

Working has now become a chore. Time has reached I guess. Really get very pissed these days. To accept is not in my dictionary, I will try and fail and keep at it till I success.

Remember we are the average of the 5 people we meet each day! So be careful who we talk to and don't get influence the unuseful stuffs.

At work, interesting to see RAFAEL defence is the so focus and so ready for market. Should have leverage on company and got the airshow ticket.

GE2 is finally here and over. Survived and stretched. I thought I was only able to perform a song by two persons, thou I felt like leftover but this happen and it's ourself that is the most important.


星期一, 2月 10, 2014
~~ flying away 2/10/2014 10:02:00 下午 ~~
Myanmar solo backpacking...

10D of solo wanderlusting ended wonderfully. Never expect anything but so much gain.

From day 1 to the last day, so much first time and out of comfort zone experience! Collecting race pack on day 1 was such an experience! Overly confidence had led me to being lost in foreign land. Luckily, got a local couple who was very helpful and gave me a free hitch ride! Else I wouldn't be able to collect my pack so smoothly.

Day 2 went back on a morning run and found my way with the help from the receptionist. Came back and went to downtown to get my train tickets. Had to pay more in kyats in order to buy tickets. Travel alone is really cool and can do anything. Did the circle line and even met a new friend from Sweden!

Day 3 race day! First half run with a local student from ISPE, second half got a chance to run with a very nice Japanese lady. But think she finds me creepy haha so no more contact via email I think. Well is okay. Then is the 20 hours train ride! So glad and thankful for the local for the help else I sure alight wrongly!

Day 4 reached kalaw and omg it's 1300m! Got to join the sam trekking and done!

Day 5 to 7 settle the 60k trek with 4 isrealis. Pristine trek! Hope tourists will try to preserve it.

Day 8 Nyuang Shwe. Solo 4 hours boat ride! I should pluck more courage to ask to take photo with lao ban niang. Night vip train back!

Day 9 shopping at yangon! Bought lots of self mini cards painting and time to come home! Even met a Singaporean who recommend me for a sunset! :)


星期六, 1月 11, 2014
~~ flying away 1/11/2014 06:07:00 上午 ~~

My own livefitter story started since secondary school days where I was able to go camping, trekking, canoeing, basically anything under the sun literally.

Back then, I wasn't into running at all I had a hard time passing my SOC during my army days. During an overseas training, I torn my ACL and meniscus and had to be dropped out. It was a pretty depressing period for me. Not able to pass out as an officer. I berated myself. Gladly, my post operation recovery was doing good to return to almost 90%.

About 5 years later when i was in my final year in university , I decided to venture back to the nature where I went to scale Mount Kinabalu! My teenager dream fulfilled. It was this high altitude experience makes me feel how small we are to such majestic mountains. I was panting badly during the summit push. I just have to be stronger in order to savour what Nature has to offer. Thus, I started joining races and kept running.

Now I am so fortunate to train under Ben Swee, with fellow caring, supportive IMD/SICKOs every week whenever possible. Special thanks to Sarah for encouraging me in. Absolutely worth it! The camaderie forged is simply amazing!

Results? I was able to achieve 49 minutes in SBR/AHM 2013 10K, and 5:22 for SCMS 2013 42.195K so far!

Knee still hurts but just don't feel like stopping. Moving forward I wish to challenge myself to this sky high dream of sub 1:45 for a half marathon distance! Journey is all that matters and I will try my atmost effort in juggling all commitments and achieving it!

Shared from Google Keep


星期一, 1月 06, 2014
~~ flying away 1/06/2014 08:11:00 上午 ~~
Cab frenzy weekend...

Friday, chiong cab to Myanmar embassy from work to collect visa. 10 bucks hidden charges... well can tell earlier... then took bus 36 and pass orchard road to east coast for my trial reformer pilates session. Pretty fun and not easy, cher also very pretty haha! Well but I sense the toughness in her despite her petite size and voice.

Then I chiong cab from there to guitar class on ecp. Even late by 30mins, she extend class till 930pm. End off with curly fries at mac.

When I got home, seriously deadbeat as usual but camp in front of mio tv to nua a bit. When I woke up the next sat morning I realised I missed the 1st live fitter workshop and collection. So last min impromptu chiong cab down to downtown east... omg west to east... but reach in time for last min q & a for sports nutrition.

Then I need to rush back to jurong to catch ride to go see abandoned dogs. They are big and strong! Great day as I was able to stay close to them and they even lick my face!

Sunday! Morning cab to punggol park for run 10k... lousy timing sub 1 but no pb as I was having stiches. Luckily, train was adequate fast so I reached home in time for shower and brunch before going to SEA Aquirium back and to on cab. Back to work, need to settle myanmar, nodejs hello world asap!