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Setting down...

What does being ready and settle down means? Career stable and family matter clear is it?

She asked when I'm ready. But are we always able to wait till all star crossed and fully ready.

I'm sure I'm not that ready in term of family and work. Mountains and photography I kind of put it aside for now. But because of Albert job I have to get more flash gears. Indeed, is it one off time? I actually can take up part time photo job to earn more spare cash during the weekend. Kinda of hold my fire for the third flash. But I still need stand + softbox for it.

Money wise, need to calculate the spending on wedding and old house reno and new house reno. Need to discuss with her. Living with my parents is not an easy task. Two options which is to buy resale and go in straight, or will be BTO and wait for 3-4 years to move in.

Now pretty much is trying to clear the last batch of mountain photos before CNY.

We kind of have another silence quarrel which is quite unbearable. Making mood fo…
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Screw up and late...

Yesterday was late for training. Should have left office at 6pm sharp. And dont be affected by the rain to change venue. Plus the walking and 188 bus being tried for the first time make sure even more late. Warm up and stadium close... Gombak and clementi stadium close at 830pm. Instead like queenstown at 930pm. She was pek chek that wasted her time. So sorry to her. The computer breaks down for couple of days it is really annoying to fix it without fast internet access and file transfer. Should have be more comprehensive and check. Now i checked both stadium still need to prepare the trip details too. I must say it isn't easy to manage relationship and work. I have to work harder this year. 2018. What do i wan to do? Not drift but sail.

Wasted day...

Well not that wasted but time and money can fly so fast. Went to ai sat but watch YouTube there just isn't worth the time. I even Uber there waste 20 bucks. Then it was the wedding. Felt like fill table but it was good to mingle with seniors and vegan and animal oil information is really useful. Free doesn't mean need to say yes. As free for my personal stuff is often not in the calendar.

Last post for 2017...

Finally 2017 is coming to an end. So fast. One year of dating. One year of getting so close till getting together really. One year of back into work at my company which i should have left ago. But the stay has made it possible for me to climb and shoot. Plus the safety net make it possible to care for parents. Moving forward is an new and exciting year i should say. Less climb and photo. More love and coding. But still need to get the old photos out of the window still. Cleaning gears and editing photos are really a pain nowadays. What is the resolution for 2018? And again no need to over dream and plan. Till April will be KK and relearn AI done too. Really need to plan for personal future. Once that is done, than we can start about other stuffs.

free work...

Well the work for 4 hours of shooting and almost another 5-6 hours of editing only cost 20 bucks meal.

So cheap.

Oopss.. It is for people you know. Close to you. And during the treat I decided to just shoot more. And thinking it will provide better image to them but at the expense of my value and work. Indeed. Don't do for them seems bad. Do already and some extra also got whack... hai~

Well not more this kind of crap. I have enough practices then. As for the flash photography, ISO still have to set 800 to 1000 min as the light is really not enough and the shutter speed must be at least 1/100 anything lower the person will be blur. As for aperture too big will result in blur too as shallow depth of field.

Mmm.. waiting for someone something to discuss sound stressful like something bad is happening and I'm hanging.