Citius, Altius, Fortius
星期三, 5月 17, 2017
~~ flying away 5/17/2017 01:42:00 下午 ~~
May june trips...
Finally thought of blogging some thoughts.
Having trouble to get people sign up for my china trips. Reasons being people dont understand my trips, thinking it is gear towards photographers. But actually I'm targeting both. With majority at trekkers. As they are a new market for me to expand. To get them interested in taking better photos.

Need to think of marketing avenue.
Trekkers groups.
Mountaineering groups.
Photography groups.
As for home, at least the leaking stop. But the racks are still not up yet.


星期三, 3月 22, 2017
~~ flying away 3/22/2017 08:52:00 上午 ~~
Mar. Lembing. Trek and shoot.

Finally, my first Ae trek and shoot trek completed!

Should have check the school holiday period too. The jam up and back was bad.

This trip has proven it is helpful for me to improve and understand how should I shape the future trips. Also I was able to understand better Shutter speed to freeze water spray need to less than 1/2000 sec or even fast. The GND filter also need to be careful where to put.

Always remember to count people before moving out.

Really glad to have the mother and daughter on the trip. When ask daughter what she like dislike about the trip, her replied that she like all melted me.


星期四, 2月 16, 2017
~~ flying away 2/16/2017 10:50:00 上午 ~~

Doing more wedding events assistance job. Well it does help me to see what is into flash photography and videography as well.

Done painting at wall. Then i realised i should paint the whole house. But maybe just the doors and living room. One by one as it will take lotsa of time.


星期一, 1月 23, 2017
~~ flying away 1/23/2017 07:11:00 下午 ~~
Photo asst...

Two days of being photo asst. I must say it is an eye opener experience to see how a professional work.

Yes i did get whack for not taking initiatives to ask more and not sure where to assist to light the scene.

Pre wedding shoot. 6 months before actual day. And i also helped out an actual day one just the start and gate crash part.

I do say. I'm not that interested in taking those type of photos. Even now looking at my mountains photos. I also not sure what can they do.

Perheps all the editing has really make me very tired.

Still have half more france photos to clear, india i started as they are sharing in mar. So another 20 more photos or less to clear for those decent ones.

Still owe my trip planning. Need to start to do them before it is too late. Already dragging too long for the china part.

And now I'm also confused. Last time is dont have feel bad. Now have but unsure. But really want to try out and give a chance to understand more. Need to get it done soon. Should i arranged another coaching session.


星期四, 1月 05, 2017
~~ flying away 1/05/2017 10:10:00 上午 ~~
Before CNY...
So fast, another 2-3 weeks it will be Lunar New Year.

Glad that two things that hinder the work really passed. Able to do it. But to transform existing C to C++ in Linux is really a challenge as I never did before. Able to display two image streams via TCP and cross platform isn't an easy feat. Linux one line. C# many many lines... Also able to find the missing action cam we loan from Garmin. Just a little heavy but image quality is good. Lacking sound. Too soft.

Wanted to demo successful display on Windows platform to Boss but not interested. Either I didn't articulate well or just the Gstreamer code is more important. Whatever. I can't let the mistake of using LCVI for 3 years happen again. Really wasted time. I was wondering where has all the output gone too...

Photo editing is also able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Lightroom. Click of a button. Or even can automatic at import event.


星期日, 1月 01, 2017
~~ flying away 1/01/2017 08:32:00 上午 ~~

Yes a new year. New resolution maybe. 2016 what have I achieved?

Waiting for uber so have some time to write it out. Glad to hav this blog to post. Fb is really out. Instagram still more useful.

Came back from Nepal failed attempt at 6000m. But joined big mountains small budgets click and I did it. But barely. At 6100m. I was fatigued and tired. Plus there wasn't enough time. Reached at 1130. Still far from summit. Plus we need technical rope to ascend and descend. Yes descend is the most important thing. In the end a 22 hours out. Waited in the cold for 3 hours. And the bloody definition of summit fever lol.

Glad was back alive from France Alps and India Uttarakhand mountainous region.

Coming back. Was into leading trek and shoot. Up and coming. Just China one the October is taking me longer than it need to be.

Pakistan a lot of might go. I have to set a cut off date. Else too late decide need to train for too.

A year for my website too I think 😊

What would I do for the next year or this year actually? I still have to work on it. The photos editing, new pc and laptop for home, tidy for the cny, company work too, personal computing work, financial planning to the travel trip and family allocation are important things and of course ♥ matters too which I still thinking how to go about it.


星期二, 12月 27, 2016
~~ flying away 12/27/2016 09:28:00 上午 ~~
In couple of days 2017 will reached. Not going overseas this year. Not going anywhere for countdown. This is the calm for the coming excitement I think.

Still have a lot of things not done yet. But managed to clear JQ photos, part 1 of SN photos. Still have Hui ROM photos. Paid job! She gave me a big ang bao. I should have waited to get her before giving my!

Also changed the leaky tap with my dad help. Need to buy a extra white tape and rubber for the tap fixing.
Also got him an export J1 mini prime 145 + 15 bucks with cover and screen protector.

Watched Master's Sun too as TV was featuring it.

Sis also skyped me on phone need to buy Eu Yan San stuffs - medical chix pack and red dates. Still unable to talk when she try to ask about those rubbish stuffs.


星期一, 12月 12, 2016
~~ flying away 12/12/2016 12:22:00 下午 ~~

Finally last climb in December is over. Still have a lot of mess going on. I don't think I'm in full control. Similar in the mountain if you are not in control, you are in danger. If you fall, you be dead.

"Slowly but surely" a phrase my guide keep saying.

As usual every trip is a learning trip. For Semeru part, it is regretful to leave un-summit but we all had more energy and time for Bromo and Ijen. Plus it will be very tiring to battle the harsh wind and lighting up in the exposed area for 2-3 hours. The descend part will be painful too. Should wear gaiters. Need to buy cheap one for this scree purpose.

Very cloudy unable to take good star photos at night. The filters I brought up. Pretty useless when you are so tired to use and the weather doesn't permit me to use. My stomach was okay thru out the trip just kept coughing. That is also why I turn back apart from the majority didn't want to climb so I went back down with the group. Depending on weather. If sunny take the landscape. If cloudy can portraiture or Macro shoots. Need to review what shuttlecock and competition photos need.

Moving to Bromo thru the sea of sand is good. I need to learn some basic Bahasa so can communicate. Need to stop at the scenic sight for a quick photos. For the Yoga shoots need to know when to shoot at an angle when to shoot from the side view. The lush green during this period is very pretty.

Ijen. Late. Should have gone in earlier as the workers start to work, the fumes cover the blue fire. I was pretty tired and slow even I reduce my load. Should drop more. My poles nearly hurt Adelene's eye as well as she was close behind me when I move backwards. Need to put the sharp end down instead of reverse next time. Near misses are wake up call.

I was also monitoring my tongue color it should be pink and not crack. My is pale and cracked. Sometimes even white.

Need to quickly firm up the mar rainbow falls trip! and K2 first.
Next China Szechuan trip as well. I think the price in October unable to lower as it is peak season.


星期五, 12月 02, 2016
~~ flying away 12/02/2016 04:35:00 下午 ~~
Darkest... before dawn

Finally I got both sticky problems resolved. 

First is changing from Win8.1 -> Win10 -> Win7 for the PSU replacement pc with unrecognizable keyboard and mouse problem solved. Need to have the GParted debian tool to format the harddisk. And need to leave it unformatted so the can click next to process in installing the Win 7 os. 

Second was the re-fixing back the arm ubuntu as it vapourise when HT was flashing / programming the FPGA before I remember to switch off the OS. When I got back to lab then I realise it was GG... WP. Then I realise back then it was JY that help me do the ubuntu arm input, which I have no idea how to put it in from uboot setting. Finally I realise the debian image can be replace with the ubuntu image provided by compulab. Waiting for their reply I probably still haven't solved it yet.

Need to get more things up working at home is really good as compare to working workplace, I so wish I have a internet connected project PC or laptop. It is frankly very hard to do work. Of course back then where got internet. But now every one put information on the web, if we still stay at the old days there must be something wrong. Yes they increase the transfer size and time to process but I still think it is very disruptive to work when the work need to be connected like the setup portion. 


星期六, 11月 26, 2016
~~ flying away 11/26/2016 08:42:00 下午 ~~
Being clear of what I want in life. Today a chit chat with my sis is a wake up call and eye opening for myself.

I also despise myself for not being sure. But that is me and it is okay to be down. So we acknowledge our shortcomings and improve on. It is an on-going process.

Getting to settle down and knowing what the other partner want is important. It is not so straightforward in relationship. It is serious commitment and is it really call sacrifice? It is something we choose. It is not about "I" but what the other partner need that it is important and what we need.

Coming back from the two big trips I really haven't figure things out. Financial plan yet to plan as well. The travel plan of being away is it good for the partner? I'm not sure but I need to tell her. As my ship is not stable it is wrong for me to have her on board. I need to work on it and do what I can with what I have. I should not be like this anymore.

I guess I'm really coming a long way and this is what I enjoy and good at. I should not just let what my sis tell me to totally back off. I'm me. I'm strong.

Forgive yourself. But be responsible too. I need to be sure and not just blur in life. Time to adjust the focus. Like photography.

A reverse view
"It is like going on a vacation, what does clarity mean to you then? Just getting to the place or planning everything what you will see, where you will eat, plan every second of it?

Upon returning, when someone asks you how was your vacation? - the only stories you will tell are the ones that happened that you did not plan for. Why is that? It is because those are the moments you lived the most, the unexpected ones.

You don't want clarity. Clarity is useless. This also creates attachment to it. You will imagine everything about it and if there is one thing that's out of place from what you imagined, that will be a big let down. You would also start to imagine every step from here to that goal and any one mis-step, you start to down the abyss.

Try it even for one day... Have ONE absolutely unplanned day.


You don’t have to have everything figured out right now. Simply breathe, enjoy the journey, and don’t take life so seriously. As long as you put in the effort and believe in yourself, you’ll get where you want to be.

When you feel lost in life, remember that if you hit a roadblock, you can always turn around and find a different way. There are many paths to take in life, and you might still be looking for the right one for you. Take your time, and don’t rush your destiny. 

Sometimes, feeling lost in life just means you haven’t had enough time to connect with yourself. A walk in nature or even a short trip away from the hustle and bustle of the city could provide the clarity you’ve been seeking.

Above all else, when you feel lost in life, keep your faith in yourself and believe in the universe. Suffering only takes place when we need to learn something from it, and darkness is necessary so that we may appreciate the light. You’ll find your way – just keep going and don’t let false thoughts discourage you.

By Olaniyi Afeez

Life is full of knots. You have to untie one knot at a time. Start with one.


星期二, 11月 22, 2016
~~ flying away 11/22/2016 10:08:00 下午 ~~

Ns reservist is almost coming to an end. Very disruptive but it is a good break. I managed to sort some trips details.

Pending for launching publicity only. Will do in waves. Three in essence.

Computer issues at home. Accidentally drop my 2TB wd hdd... So spolit le. Unable to retrieve the data. Initially still can open. But now unable to initialise. My table and everythings are in the mess as I too occupied with the images that I just send my friends. Luckily only lost some data, the luminosity part workshop as I need to transfer data from project laptop which does not belong to me. So I guess 300 sgd bucks wasted... Sian...

As for ram upgrade still cui. The win10 unable to recognise the ram despite the bios can do it.

Felt quite bad I break two things. Failing to do it. Need to quickly send them photos for the trips I was on faster before things like this happen again. Need to get a NAS. Hope it will help a bit.


星期五, 11月 11, 2016
~~ flying away 11/11/2016 05:09:00 下午 ~~
A little surprised that I got promoted. Although I lost my chocolate bar, glad I got an umbrella instead :) 


星期一, 10月 24, 2016
~~ flying away 10/24/2016 10:12:00 上午 ~~
One more week to presentation...
Came back from KL to learn more about PS and LR editing. Digital blending and luminosity masking. A little too fast need to practice. Again one photo will take quite a significant amount of editing time.

The Gstreamer on ARM is a pain. Able to run hello world to play audio OGG file on VBox no problem. But ARM able to run but unable to run proper. Not sure why.

Horse and rabbit. A dilemma.

Still need to wrap up the last 3 areas of slides, gears, european region and the upcoming AE trips. Still have lotsa of preparation. I do not wish to repeat the mistake of quite a handful of trekkers have to take helicopter out from EBC.

Need to urgently complete the slides and grad group shoot photos 100 more to edit. 10 by 10 edit.


星期二, 10月 18, 2016
~~ flying away 10/18/2016 04:18:00 下午 ~~
Back home...
Been home for a month. Things have been going pretty fast. Decided to lead trips next year. Trek and shoot. Going beyond my comfort zone.

Still have lots of photos to edit. I really means a lot.

Holding hands. Something I haven't experienced for awhile. Blessed and thankful. Still have a lot of things I need to do and clear my thoughts. I didn't expect hand holding needed for the mac to bth trail need.


星期五, 9月 16, 2016
~~ flying away 9/16/2016 10:03:00 上午 ~~
Sudarshan Parhbat 2016...
Finally, both SP and France trips are ended. I last minute travel plans i added after I came back from Chulu well it is actually Annapurna circuit and Thorong Peak 6100m peak instead.

Samie asked me to joined so I considered it as a hard to come back chance so I took it. Taking the NPL was not as hard as the first one I simply ask and I got it. Of course at the expense of my career progression. But seriously what progression is there. The so call career facilitation is merely an act of motion only. I did asked for change in division but that can only happen if i act more on it.

In any case, the choice is to leave soon.

I so far have used up 6 months of my intended gap year.

4 months in Scandinavia and Beijing and Hong Kong. I should have visited the Chamonix shop there back when I was there. Need to go back HK again. This time added Xiamen as well to visit Aunt.

1 month in Ticino, Switzerland and Chamonix, France.

1 month in Uttarakhand for my first 6000 peak dream.
More other summit people photos

Back to work for 3 days. Still have serious bug in porting the old code into the new environment Win7. Will try with VS2005 and then Win SDK 8.1 and also AVT3.1.1

The Linux and image sending over JSON will be difficult as well. Plus the fuzzy logic for deciding the BIT status will be something to research on. Time charging will be an issue so need to be more efficient as well.

Dating part. I keep thinking of JL. She really is very special. Perhaps I just don't know how to proceed. One more date tonight after collect lens at Clarke Quay.


星期三, 8月 10, 2016
~~ flying away 8/10/2016 07:53:00 上午 ~~
Countdown India...
Another 11 days to India. Seriously not enough time.
And yes. Being ignore again by JQ. Well i find really rude. But that's okay it is not within my control how people behave and reply messages. J is a better person I think in that case. I shall not waste time.
I still got another paid shoot coming. The amount of time for photography editing will be a lot.

Things to do at work
- Joystick (done, but need more reading)
- Irs draft
- Code h.264
- Packing up - starts to do... 
- Time charging - done
- Npl this time and one day leave - done

Things to do personal
- Setted citibank bill later - done

Photography editing
- Xr photos editing and sending *** (100plus photos to go...)
- Charissa grad shot and editing (Booked gears, return on sat and buy water proof bag)
- Vietnam tour (x12)
- Bromo. Again. (x12)
- Swiss part (x12)
- Chamonix start (x24)
- Chamonix training phase (x24)
- Torino hut (x24)
- Royal traverse (x24)

Packing India
- Removing burrs - done pending slings 
- Gear washing and water reproof - done 
- Food list - done 
- Duffel packing
- Day pack packing

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