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星期三, 11月 25, 2015
~~ flying away 11/25/2015 06:51:00 下午 ~~
Second cycle done. 8 more to go. Which is 8 years. Going to tekong and feed mosquito not too much fun. But well at least I get to know the guys more.
Complete and submitted the world nomad photography assignment competition. 15 pages of about 10 person per page. Miss read 1500 characters with words... Felt a little wasted my time but at least I have a copy of the document.
It crashes with apo in cny. Again cny not at home because of travel. I should have plan to bring my parents to hk. But flight I not sure they can handle. Esp Mother. I do feel the stress seeing all 3 of them not handling their lives well enuff.
Still have lots of work I haven do and learn. Black Friday coming well still need to pack bag then I will know what to bring and lack. But today is the last day I code a wpf gui and tidy my logistics. I rmb to patch the duffel but forget to go travel clinic. Schedule too packed with dinner after 7. Need to have time for self.
Should I have rejected the offer to go coney island and sitex on Sunday. Lack of time and not training enuff.


星期三, 11月 11, 2015
~~ flying away 11/11/2015 02:26:00 下午 ~~
2015 closing in....

Going for ICT soon but so much work at coy not done. To be frank felt quite sad whenever I see couple couple and wedding shots. Is it that my dream too? Or is paint by the main stream that everyone is doing so?

Nonetheless, still have my to-do list from my Scandinavia not done yet. At least I settle my phone replacement. From Apple, Samsung to Sony. Because of dimmer screen, longer battery and to try a new phone as well. Since it boast to have a better camera as well.

Going for one more date tonight. I guess the more people you meet, I kinda of fearful I will meet someone who already have someone in mind but just to try out. Just pointless and waste time.


星期一, 11月 09, 2015
~~ flying away 11/09/2015 03:23:00 下午 ~~
ict coming...
Finally, wash my light down jacket. Hand wash with the Nixwax solution. But I then realise it must be dry at low heat and not air dry as the flume will get clam together. Then I went to find tennis balls and realised market and popular all don't have except sports shop. So got from WOS. When I return I realise my top wash isn't ideal too and it doesn't get dry. So I quickly google to find the nearest public dryer. Found at Yuhua market. Finally problem solved but took me quick a lot of time. 

Also collected mountaineering gears for coming Chulu climb. Still have a waterproof pants/bib to buy but they are not cheap. Time is running out. 

The badges is finalised for design after 5 and half iteration. Called the last to clarify. 125sgd for 5. 

Left with 6 weeks or so to go with the big work as follow
1. Prep for trek
2. Remove, tidy and clear house
3. Photo submission for worldnomad
4. Iceland photo video edit
5. Coy work

Still have the details not listed out. 


星期四, 10月 29, 2015
~~ flying away 10/29/2015 12:15:00 下午 ~~


星期二, 10月 27, 2015
~~ flying away 10/27/2015 05:33:00 下午 ~~
Lesson. Coming.

Did all four stations. Last false summit managed to do the stairs for 2x. As for work, i'm really lacking behind since for the 2 years i was doing too much C. Glad got C Linux. Need to work on my OO and VC.

Glad my knee got all better after I went to see TCM for acu and ba guan, Novena Elizabeth Specilaist TOC and also DIY watson Ebene gluco rub 10%. Now will be more careful when training think i hurt it when descend from the stairs when training at NUS AS7.

Need to get mother to exercise and day care, else the muscle will keep getting weaker.

After taking Photography and Guitar aka music classes, time to take fitness, IT classes and my bike and swimming lessons.


星期一, 10月 12, 2015
~~ flying away 10/12/2015 10:06:00 上午 ~~
Injuried knee weekend...
Went to Wah Lok to treat jiefu friends for helping for the rental flat part as they didn't received and commission from my sister.

As for my lousy knee went to acupuncture and ba guan. Seems like little better the zheng gu shui seems not too helping and suan as well.

So no physical training, i went to finish two books on singaporeans went climbing 8000 peaks via alpine and expedition styles.


星期六, 10月 10, 2015
~~ flying away 10/10/2015 02:21:00 下午 ~~
Official photo shoot

Finally, did the official photo shoot. Need to tune the auro focus fine tune so as to zero the lens to the body. To ensure focus is really where u want it to be. First case is a ballet girl with parents. Well only the ballet girl. Shot in aperture mode mainly. Iso800.

Going to check my knee at 517 to see it. Not painful but the click when squat and run and going down stairs is also.


星期五, 9月 25, 2015
~~ flying away 9/25/2015 08:24:00 下午 ~~
Refrigerator cleaned, bleached bowl and image consulted...

3 months plus back, 重新出发。Takes a lot of effort. I still feel quite lousy. Work and love. My knee after nuang hurts so I'm really afraid it will get worse.

My flu and cough isn't healing. 2molo see doc?

Finally cleared my image consulted. 450 bucks of smart casual clothes. No more these shopping!


星期三, 9月 23, 2015
~~ flying away 9/23/2015 01:02:00 下午 ~~
4 months after...

Mum's conditions worsen. Need to up the meds dosage. Need to redo all the food intake.


星期一, 9月 21, 2015
~~ flying away 9/21/2015 09:13:00 上午 ~~
Did Nuang. Just a normal trek without trail running. Carried quite heavy. 4 liters of water, camera, mini tripod and jacket and food.

Glad to have the advices from my teammates in making better decisions for the trip. First changing to taking 170x from Kranji without crossing the road. Simply walk to JB Central but must remember to turn around without going down at Msia customs.

Coming back was good to avoid the queue by taking 950 on the opposite side instead of queuing the long bus.

Glad to ask Adelene for some quick advice too just in case if I miss things out.


星期一, 9月 14, 2015
~~ flying away 9/14/2015 12:38:00 上午 ~~
Room cleared...
Almost there. Room cleared. Still have the table area to clear but it is going to be okay.

Still have my study space, then sleeping room to clear, and then to move parents to master bedroom.

Chulu West prep. Okay I will need to care for my back and knee. For the new guy, I really have to work on my own health and fitness. I'm frankly not interested in their says. I really hope nothing serious will happen. Still feel quite lousy for the xt and redmart issues. I guess I just need more time. Work wise is really getting more and more not motivated.

Need to clear the study area, and start buying stuff and ship them back in.


星期五, 9月 11, 2015
~~ flying away 9/11/2015 04:50:00 下午 ~~
Back on...

9Mountain and date.

Well work wise really am super unmotivated as the work I'm doing is not value adding to my future. But need to switch isn't easy. Both the interview and xt failed. Well facing failures is really not easy. I'm not feeling all great at all.

Glad i washed my overdue clothes from my trips and the old jackets even on polling day.

Still felt very disturbed that we have a new team mate but he hasn't have tmc nor 5000m only 3000m. Makes me worry for the team.

Goingto check the arct.. jackets alpha and beta before date. Well i just find myself not too happy as i the back aching. Knee is okay once i started the gym conditioning.

Side track met my sis tenants but didn't talk much. I should.

Jiayou! Don't let all these external factors affect my mood. All should come from within.


星期一, 9月 07, 2015
~~ flying away 9/07/2015 07:49:00 上午 ~~
Ethical hacking and defence

It was a good week training at SP. Played with 4 VMs at once. Kali Linux aka backtrack. Think i saw it before when i was in the States in 2009 instep.

4 and a half days of learning. Aircon too cold for me. Felt slow as often is struck and didn't just skip it. Plus listening and not keep doing. Nonetheless kept doing and skip and didn't listening able to do most of the tutorials.

Final challenge was pretty fun and engaging as we have to use the knowledge gained over the past few days in the forensic investigation based on some data collected.

Was slower than my 2 junior teammates. But we work well together. We were struck very long in getting to the web server. I realise we missed doing a question which has procedence in solving the latter problems. We must have missed some key clues i thought.

So true that we didn't read the email caught in depth. The port of the web server is 8075. Not the 8080.

Second we were still struck at finding the ftp server login credentials. Clearly they are embedded in the images attached. Tried winhex nope. Then i googled to check. Relax outguess was a tool to retire it. Done!

I was asking what problems they were struck and work on them. Glad i was useful. About 50% of the class managed to solve before 430pm break.

"The more quiet we are, the more we hear"


星期日, 9月 06, 2015
~~ flying away 9/06/2015 10:07:00 上午 ~~
Back to tmc jumaring

Since the france learning is gone which i think it is good since I'm already not doing much for the project plus i already think i shouldn't be going due to my less input. Plus they want to save money... omg... well have the proper goal in mind please.

Any case back to mountaineering. The decision to go Chulu West. Well just back from a big trip and still going for another. I must say I'm broke and overused my income. I'm not sure it is correct. Or fully correct. So many things to do. But I just didn't get to do. Or i just procrastinating. Not motivated to do.

The training revision on
1. Jumar up india way
2. Abseiling down

Jumar up
1. Wear harness and tight.
2. Have a sling, hand, leg prusik  each length need to check
3. 4 carabiners
4. 1 atc
5. Handphone knot on harness
5. Tie a figure of 8 knot slightly below the nose
6. Put a karabiner at the end of the jumar hole and attach to the lower loop of the sling. Ensure the fig8knot is not resting on the karabiner by re adjusting the handphone knot.
7. Attach the jumar clip to the main rope
8. Use another karabiner to attach the loop around the fixed rope and into the jumar top hole
9. Ensure all karabiner lock
10. Done
11. Fix the prusik using klemheist with loading the down only

Going past a fix rope anchor
1. Put the safety into the anchor first
2. Test with load
3. Put jumar pass the anchor and lock it
4. Take out safety and around jumar and fixed rope
5. Continue and fixed the klemheist again to pass the anchor

1. Safety in first
2. Using french prusik with karabiner on the leg loop
3. Fix atc ensure rope is correct on the biting end downward
4. Prime. Test.
5. Lock all karabiner and go.

Anchor at the top is clove hitch on a karabiner then alpine bufferfly on another anchor.


星期六, 9月 05, 2015
~~ flying away 9/05/2015 05:11:00 下午 ~~
Post Sibayak
Day 1 Friday after work at 430pm, i chiong to take cab to airport. I had to walk from 2P since my stuffs are left in the locker. As I was unable to hail a cab from main road, so I took the 92 to NUH and alighted to walk in to catch a cab. I went to another taxi stand and saw the reminder to use grabtaxi. Glad one came very soon. Thankful to my boss trying to teach and share his knowledge on Linux and SPI enabling to use. Need to work on it today friday to go back work to clear email and to kick start this.
Took cab and saw the scenery to airport, I do enjoyed what I seeing around, the modern infrastructure. Got to the airport rather in time and did fast check-in. Time is 530pm.
Saw qiufen and got together walking to the flight gate. The rest of the people came as well over 25 plus people.
Took the night silkair flight with 30kg already bought. Reached around 8pm at medan. Then we took the bus to the rafting place. I was little uncomfortable on the bus at the rear in the corner. Manage to change seat on the second day as there is a blank space in front.
Day 2 12 hours on the bus as they wasn't sure of the way. Well still reached at 7am instead of 2am. Changed and ready for the rafting. Asahan River, North Sumatra. But was little not so fun than the one did for bromo. For the second turn they mentioned too dangerous for many. So i decided not to go. But it was just short 10min and one two consecutive rapids. But the start going down was slow as it was steep. Plus wasted 1 hour waiting for them to pump the boats.
Then we went for dinner at singalong. Near lake toba. Reached the rest point for the night. Very comfy bed. Shares a room with jiaxing qiufen friend.
Day 3
Jx didn't want to go as tired and little jot feeling well. I went on. 4am. Again wasted 30min waiting for guides to wake up. Went on but weather wasn't good. Didn't get to see the place well. Too smoky too. I stayed with the group as i didn't want to get lost again.
Then we descend together as 3 people went the other peak. Had some snacks at the base. 4 hours trek. 9am got out and took cab back. 1600m to 2000m. Breakfast at the resort then we packed up to leave and i bought lapis and ambon along the way with the rest of the people. Dennis is very generous and bought 1 box to share with the rest. Need to learned from him more. His photo is good too in terms of framing and timing.
Decided to checked in as my luggage is 9.3kg already with all the misc stuff not added.


星期五, 9月 04, 2015
~~ flying away 9/04/2015 05:10:00 下午 ~~
Kueh closure.
As i was trying to give xt and my sis2 kueh that i bought from Indonesia, well the day has come. I would feel it came late. She has finally spoken that we are not compatible and let's be friends.

She had returned me the book i loan and insisted treating me I realise something was wrong but didn't keep to it. I bought some papers to fold for her but it didn't happen.

Well this one year is really too long I guess. I did mentioned to her that I like her already. But that that she said we should be friends first. So I continue to date her. But will it didn't change.

It is still a little painful and loss. Need to resume my life again and stand back up and do things. Leaving all the trouble thoughts here. Need to understand I do have something special to offer and the right one will be able to see it.