Citius, Altius, Fortius
星期日, 9月 14, 2014
~~ flying away 9/14/2014 05:49:00 下午 ~~
Stage 3 but Stage 2

Wasn't able to perform the song for stage 3 as my singing was v bad on pitching!

Well still able to perform stage 2 but wasnt full song either. So pretty bad lesson but great lesson and failure i need. I will come back again! Need to correct my singing! Jiayou!


星期六, 9月 13, 2014
~~ flying away 9/13/2014 11:58:00 下午 ~~
In time...

Well back from India TMC and planned for my ultimate trip like to Iceland. But barely made any progress on it.

Finally going to do my stage 3 guitar performance! Well still far from 3pp but my left fingertips are ouching already. Skipped ST 15K run training as i should give guitar the priority. The ending couldn't do it properly still but just will perform amd complete the whole song! This a stretch since i yet to complete 1 song fully yet. 

Gave dad 500 bucks plus 30 dollars as his oldest brother was hospitalised. But he left before my dad could reach in time. He called home informed his passing. Well can sound the sadness but i also can't do anything.

He asked me for 500 bucks. Hope he knows what he should do with the money. I was like .... he took his bike to buy lottery then went to visit his brother... i was mmm... guess everyone got his or her own priority.  Need to get my ass and do the planning for my future! Else will sure regret!


星期一, 9月 01, 2014
~~ flying away 9/01/2014 08:58:00 上午 ~~
The price of admission...


星期一, 8月 11, 2014
~~ flying away 8/11/2014 10:10:00 上午 ~~
Post DIY SICK...
National Day. Holiday. Sunny day!

After taking over the colleague software on Friday evening abruptly, the week is over. Didn't meet anyone or went for guitar class cause it's over pending performance which I'm still bad in. Especially the transition. Need to work on it the the coming 3 weeks. NOT MUCH time left!

After meeting with J, realized not that suitable I think. Well I thou so too. I guess who we really are can be interpreted from the things we paste at our work desk! 

Then went to do my own SICK training. 

Warm up. Swing arms and legs. It's seems like the best thing for runner to do. 
Then i warm up slow jog a round. 

Do static push up 30 crunches 30. Sprint 1 round at less 1:30sec. 
Static planks 120 sec. Russian twist. Sprint 1 round as slow as a cheetah lol ben swee always say. 

Static side plank each side 120 sec. Then 2 rounds 3:48sec. 
Static wall squad 2 min then 1 sprint

Static crunches with leg lift push up with one leg bend knee in when going down extend when coming up. Alternating. Then sprint one more rd i cui le 1:43 lol

And guess what I decided to skip 179 to take the train and saw my colleague who I took the software over with his gf. I was so wrong that he was single. I really need to be careful when I make judgement! I'm the one! 


星期五, 7月 11, 2014
~~ flying away 7/11/2014 08:39:00 上午 ~~
" Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too.
All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favour all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.
Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now." - Goethe, Johann Wolfgang


星期一, 7月 07, 2014
~~ flying away 7/07/2014 02:42:00 上午 ~~
The next move...
Finally, July has come and I finished watching Ice Adonis Korean drama. Omg the ending 10 episodes still so epic where the antagonist even use protagonist's long lost child as a bargaining chip to gain back her crimes' evidences. Well in the end the antagonist is because of bad childhood which resulted her twisted self. It is the protagonist that release her from such pain. Children are like glass, fragile and take shape of parents.

Sideline, close friend even got lost in the woods in Cambodia. Need to really manage the risk and make sure thing will be fine and not so dangerous.

I have decided to go Iceland for backpacking in Feb 2015. Probably after ice climbing? Then to Sweden, Denmark, Norway. To catch northern lights!

Now need to get my sideline up so i be good for the transition. Need to start planning for the trek in direction to SG50 and 51. Need to scale a mountain of 7000m at least soon!

But first need to tidy house, get my new HOME PC, practice guitar for SBP, & ask her the Q! :)


星期二, 6月 24, 2014
~~ flying away 6/24/2014 08:42:00 下午 ~~
June ending...

One last week before June officially ending, house is still in a great mess! Cause I simply proastinate! Plus watching the Ice Adonis korean drama! Aiyo!

Dated A for how many meals..? Oops... okay lets count one at soup restaurant,  savour with Captain America movie, run350 breakfast, drury cafe... not sure did I miss any. Really felt she very nice and not sure I'm good enuff. 

Work wise. Frantic OT so unable to get back fully! Jiayou! Endure one more week and wash the dishes to wash the dishes!


星期三, 6月 11, 2014
~~ flying away 6/11/2014 09:10:00 上午 ~~
Debt mode...

Truly overspent for my india trip. The 2x lens wonth 1.8k plus the miscellaneous gadget such as solar panel almost 400sgd. 2.6k sgd outstanding... and guess what I was on 5 days npl so about 500sgd worth of salary gone already haha! To make matter worse, salary already late by 1 day!

Stomach wise still eating crap. The diy instant noodles with eggs bad idea. Having bloated stomach and ache and watery shit... zzz... really need to control what I put my mouth. Axe oil also left in office... really seems like a mess!

Still editing the photos from 4000 shots to about 500 plus for upload. Still working on the night nef files. Luckily got lightroom installed need to learn and use. Wed, thu climb. Fri guitar. Need practice to refresh. Sat k with tmc peeps. Damned. Late again! 92b came!


星期三, 6月 04, 2014
~~ flying away 6/04/2014 05:13:00 下午 ~~
India trip ending...
Post paragliding, vomit again! Thou tired but it was good. Took another vomitstop pill and felt better. Third time I think. But at least now stomach feels less bloated. But be from the fried stuff I ate yesterday.
Sending out postcards before headong to chopsticks restaurant for a honey ginger, shouldn't have order the noodle soup. But all cost only 150 rp which is only 3 dollars sgd. Now left with 500 rp and some 600 rp with chee hwa for $ pool.
Need to spend another 250 for climbing. Not sure they will come pick me and heng up. As no news. No way for contact too. Went walking alone to post my postcard, bookworm shop and then to chopsticks shop. Lol packed but no utensils.  Well think it's good save less trash. One more dinner and lunch here before heading back to Delhi for flight home. Need to pack finished! Did my second laundry cost 90 for my 10 years plus fleece jacket as heng like spill whole bowl of momo soup onto me. Was piss but now better already.


星期四, 5月 15, 2014
~~ flying away 5/15/2014 11:56:00 上午 ~~
India tmc starts!
Finally, after months of training and preparation, here I am in New Delhi waiting to go Manali in the night time. Wasn't having enough sleep since past few days as was packing like crazy. The extra mountaineering gears, sleeping stuffs, tents... weighted up to 30kg more.
Should have got out early at 630am to get some nice shoots rather than late 830am. Got harassed by mother who ask her child to beg from me, was trying to get panning but didn't realise was standing outside some protected area and got surrounded by huge Indians to tell me no photos should be taken. Then last one was a Indian cab uncle who ask whether I have time for 1 hour travel to market. Luckily, I didn't say yes.  Walking alone indeed is precocious and need to exercise lots of vigilance! 


星期五, 4月 25, 2014
~~ flying away 4/25/2014 11:02:00 上午 ~~
Taking a BREAK. Now seems like so busy after working as I'm studying University of Life! Doing what I think I enjoy most but hardly got the time to be really good at all. So what are the subjects that I have now?

1. Running. Hope to be IRONMAN! So swim and bike has to be in!
2. Web computing... but this I cui on it. Like that they say worst subject of all
3. Green work... same cui too
4. Mountaineering (Rock climbing)
5. Music... singuitaring
6. Dating... also my worst fear and feel mentally draining
7. Photography, specialise in adventure/landscape!

Future subjects are
1. 2B licence
2. Cooking and baking
3. Barista

I also have been too busy to get my mum to exercise too. Need to work on it.


星期六, 4月 05, 2014
~~ flying away 4/05/2014 09:42:00 上午 ~~
Chamomile "oh kosong"... super downpour!
A week after ultra tuc 60K for myself. Definitely a stretch since I didn't train really specific to it but for tmc in May. Seems like pototoes chip helps haha! 10 hrs ran. From 10pm till ard 8am plus. I decided to stop as I was feeling sick of the run, and didn't know what damage was done to my wrecked knee. Thou my lungs can still take it, my legs wasn't. 
Came to here for photography class but was cancelled last minute due to heavy downpour. I was almost reaching so I still continue on to walk in the rain. Cause I never been here before!
While on the train, read a nice share by Rainbow on being more productive in work smart not just hard.
MIT most important tasks, break into small manageable tasks, today vs someday tasks!
Later going movie first dinner later date with A! :) well the fate between people is really strange, unpredictable and so spontaneous! Whatever the outcome, we know each other will be great!


星期二, 4月 01, 2014
~~ flying away 4/01/2014 01:56:00 上午 ~~
Twlight utra!
Did my first ultra. 60K in 10:10:10. Didn't want to continue the race even there's like 2 hours more I can go. As wasn't sure I want to go for more as knee is really aching like mad as not sure what damage will be done since I didn't trained enough for it.
As for the software, unfortunately I have to handover as I wasn't able to deliver on time as it drag too long. Well it was clear the tender out was a faster option as I'm just not gritty enough to do it. Too much distraction and it wasn't my priority. 
Thou I fail again 3 times for side working I will not give up as this learning lesson is what I need!
A is really warm and initiate chat with me! Let's see how it all turns out eventually. Love is when it happen naturally! Well I have no comments as I haven't tasted it before really. But being neutral for so long changing seems good as I really aim that there is someone with me and we can grow old together.


星期六, 3月 29, 2014
~~ flying away 3/29/2014 06:54:00 下午 ~~
3 in 1...

Super pack day! Have to go work and got drenched. And again I shouldn't have alighted for cab... just not enough in peak hours!

Miss my environmental talk and photo class. Going for my sister farewell but late. Think is going to be great as meeting a tough photographer lady! Later at 8 then rush for my ultra 16 hrs!


星期三, 3月 26, 2014
~~ flying away 3/26/2014 07:29:00 上午 ~~
Things in 30!
Omg! 2 weeks to deliver first prototype for the web app! Top priority now!
Re run yii and see the adding of more UX form! Then nodejs seems to be more sound!

Double screw up! Not even able to claim on the date package as the fine print and I made payment beforehand. 

Things to do in my thirties!!


星期一, 3月 24, 2014
~~ flying away 3/24/2014 07:22:00 下午 ~~
Moving on...
Soon embarking on TMC in India! Being a Log/Admin IC still have the insurance not settle yet. Have been very hectic so far from training to music plus my unfinish tidying up of my personal space.

Really glad that one year on I met A via meetup. Thankful for her to took the courage to email me! Well she is really nice and sporty and I will jiayou! To be frank, this part of my life I feel pretty screw up. Am I too focus on my studies and work and family matters. Or just a shallow hal.... As always it's the priority in life we need to decide on.

Well, made another so call mistake on the purchase recently. Well 600 bucks for min 3 dates or more? I think I wasn't thinking anymore...

Indeed, need to start really curb my uncontrollable spending! First was the over insurance which cause me 5K and then was this! Plus my boots purchase. Need to change for a Ama Dablam down from Campers' well at least it was a colour and fitting S size for me!

Need to jiayou and focus! Insurance + Visa need to settle by Apr! Node.js too!