Citius, Altius, Fortius
星期一, 8月 31, 2015
~~ flying away 8/31/2015 01:16:00 上午 ~~
Post Sibayak

Day 1 Friday after work at 430pm, i chiong to take cab to airport. I had to walk from 2P since my stuffs are left in the locker. As I was unable to hail a cab from main road, so I took the 92 to NUH and alighted to walk in to catch a cab. I went to another taxi stand and saw the reminder to use grabtaxi. Glad one came very soon. Thankful to my boss trying to teach and share his knowledge on Linux and SPI enabling to use. Need to work on it today friday to go back work to clear email and to kick start this.

Took cab and saw the scenery to airport, I do enjoyed what I seeing around, the modern infrastructure. Got to the airport rather in time and did fast check-in. Time is 530pm.

Saw qiufen and got together walking to the flight gate. The rest of the people came as well over 25 plus people.

Took the night silkair flight with 30kg already bought. Reached around 8pm at medan. Then we took the bus to the rafting place. I was little uncomfortable on the bus at the rear in the corner. Manage to change seat on the second day as there is a blank space in front.

Day 2 12 hours on the bus as they wasn't sure of the way. Well still reached at 7am instead of 2am. Changed and ready for the rafting. Asahan River, North Sumatra. But was little not so fun than the one did for bromo. For the second turn they mentioned too dangerous for many. So i decided not to go. But it was just short 10min and one two consecutive rapids. But the start going down was slow as it was steep. Plus wasted 1 hour waiting for them to pump the boats.

Then we went for dinner at singalong. Near lake toba. Reached the rest point for the night. Very comfy bed. Shares a room with jiaxing qiufen friend.

Day 3
Jx didn't want to go as tired and little jot feeling well. I went on. 4am. Again wasted 30min waiting for guides to wake up. Went on but weather wasn't good. Didn't get to see the place well. Too smoky too. I stayed with the group as i didn't want to get lost again.

Then we descend together as 3 people went the other peak. Had some snacks at the base. 4 hours trek. 9am got out and took cab back. 1600m to 2000m. Breakfast at the resort then we packed up to leave and i bought lapis and ambon along the way with the rest of the people. Dennis is very generous and bought 1 box to share with the rest. Need to learned from him more. His photo is good too in terms of framing and timing.

Decided to checked in as my luggage is 9.3kg already with all the misc stuff not added.


星期一, 8月 24, 2015
~~ flying away 8/24/2015 07:48:00 上午 ~~
Skiing done...

Yes! Did it! Used my favourite and early language Java plus netbeans to get the job done.

This is really enjoyable to be solving problem. Time to leave. Dont stay. Staying will make me more stagnant and stupid. I come to realise i missed out a lot of oop opportunities, vision, AI, web tech services. I was doing CVI actually too much... then the more useful linux and ubuntu, Embedded stuff.

Things to do this week
Sis bus ads powerpoint later do
Sibayak bag packing plus tidy house plus clean up sensor
Chulu west decision i really want and think i should go.
Tell her my feelings be honest

As for parents they need to age gratefully i need to manage and go on. And not let them affect who i really is! :)


星期四, 8月 20, 2015
~~ flying away 8/20/2015 07:42:00 上午 ~~
Ok not going. Again...

Well as mentioned before i dont think i was suppose to go on the overseas course. As i haven't touch the project for a long time plus my npl and tmc. My boss is very nice and insist or recommend that i should go. Well pass SE approval. I thought ok. I thought it was the end. Nope.

Still have 2 more level. Seem like people like to guess higher authority so as to gain points or to save trouble or whatever it may be.

I'm looking at the needs. Not just economical. If some money u need to spend you better spend.

Well seriously, need to be sure what u want to build the capability and work on it. I think 4 years plus is good time to go. Start packing my things again. This time less rush.


星期二, 8月 18, 2015
~~ flying away 8/18/2015 09:36:00 下午 ~~

Finally after 6 months I'm back to sick training. 1:39 1:36 1:46 1:49 head is dizzy and light. Glad to be able to sweat and felt exhausted.

Glad to see old friends too. But felt lonely when they not eating. I guess i need to have my own family to go to. Forming my family as well.


星期一, 8月 17, 2015
~~ flying away 8/17/2015 11:50:00 上午 ~~
New courses...
1. Speed reading

Option A

2. Swim classes

3. DIY ruby on rails (web programming to sell)

4. Spanish to go to South America

The Lost Horse


A man who lived on the northern frontier of China was skilled in interpreting events. One day for no reason, his horse ran away to the nomads across the border. Everyone tried to console him, but his father said, "What makes you so sure this isn't a blessing?" Some months later his horse returned, bringing a splendid nomad stallion. Everyone congratulated him, but his father said, "What makes you so sure this isn't a disaster?" Their household was richer by a fine horse, which the son loved to ride. One day he fell and broke his hip. Everyone tried to console him, but his father said, "What makes you so sure this isn't a blessing?"
A year later the nomads came in force across the border, and every able-bodied man took his bow and went into battle. The Chinese frontiersmen lost nine of every ten men. Only because the son was lame did father and son survive to take care of each other. Truly, blessing turns to disaster, and disaster to blessing: the changes have no end, nor can the mystery be fathomed.


塞翁失馬 (sai weng shi ma), the title of this story, is actually a commonly used Chinese idiom or chengyu . It literally translates as "Old Sai loses a horse". Old Sai is the wise man in the fable. The expression is used to remind others to take life in stride because things aren't really as good (or bad) as they seem. Certainly seems like a wise advice for a society that lives only for the present


Didn't manage to pop the be my gf question last Thursday. Did prep my speech. Mini one but wasn't able to prep the flower present as i didn't want to buy as i think it will create more trash.
Wanting to contact her. But didnt felt like doing as i would felt disturbing her. We had a quiet chat this time round. To be frank i not too sure whether she likes me like the way i do. Well i dont feel super super strong. But i felt really happy to see her.

Just able to do the dishes, toliet bowls, trekking clothes except down and shell jackets to washed. Was rather slacked. Was very disorientated as felt too many to do. Like helping my sister to make a bus stop ad to rent out the house.
Editing arjuna photos felt boring and waste time as i cant do it all day. Killing it, the job is necessary.
I finally realise and breakthru the bad cycle of living my life. The old photos gave me strength and meaning to go forward.

Stayed home for 2 days. But didnt clean my 7100 sensor yet. Need to really prep for upcoming september family photo shoots. 

At work i guessed I'm really pissed as i thought i cleared the decision to go overseas for course. Well i would think I'm not eligible as i long time didn't touch that project le. Well i totally forget that the hierarchy of commands. Still have 2 more PD and D level to go. Well projects I'm unable to select plus i do dislike the simulation software too as it is really not so developer friendly. 

In any case, i got back the energy to edit my photos after resuming edit my Scandinavia photos. Done with Norge at the moment too. Continue to Copenhagen, Stockholm. It gave me meaning and direction on what i was suppose to do. Bring joy to people and have my own skills. At least one 2 skills to be mini expert generalist versus the 10000 hours on a single item. 

They reminded me who i really was inside. Be strong. It was the joy. Much more than editing the Arjuna photos. 

Just do one thing at a time. It is okay to fail and do the wrong first thing even. It really handicap when u feel so many to do but just want to do nothing over the weekend. 

Jiayou! Improve on the photography, coding and mountaineering. Start by finish editing the 2015 travel learn and work photos. 100 plus days of learning on the go. Then go ahead with fixing the home, sis home. Then exercise start. 42k within 5 hours. Sub 5 timing goal. To climb higher mountain :)

Kick started my wordpress again. Need to work on the content before porting over to a better platform. 


星期二, 8月 11, 2015
~~ flying away 8/11/2015 07:33:00 上午 ~~
National day long weekend. Out of sg to go climb this mountain.
The terrain at the first day was very thick vegetation and i wasn't wearing long sleeves as i didn't really take my guide and local ymca guide advice seriously. Very itchy. I decided to wear my long sleeve thermal along the way before lunch.
Glad it didn't rain during the trek. Just before and after. Clear and windy on summit day but was all good.
A little werid as we were without local guide for this meetup group this time. Well i can't completely switch off mode as need to make arrangements of the time as the other two simply ask or waiting.
Luckily i insist in going welirang else we wasted the trip. But we went back the same path so perheps missed the hot spring. As he said we might take 2 hours longer on the car ride back.

Coming home. At 430pm took the hassle to play the changi millionaire... think wasted my time lol. T3 b2. Then quickly took the train back home. Had yong tau foo with mum. Looking at both parents getting more frail. I am not doing my work. 

Really need to clear the big stuffs at two homes before i go for new trips. Always felt i didnt do enough before i flew out. 


星期三, 8月 05, 2015
~~ flying away 8/05/2015 08:28:00 下午 ~~
Saw a old ntu tkd friend. Lady. I would say pretty and smart. Didn't say hi.
Sometimes i think it is me who is not confident enough to say hello.
Well opportunities don't always happen. Esp such concidence.
Mistake at work too. Bought a pc without pci slot as the old system needs. I really wasn't focusing on the job. But manage to rectify it by asking vendor for help. Luckily i found it early at first when receiving the pc. 
Unable to get the serial working. Linux. Not easy. Going to arjuna for the long weekend. Well as usual dad is not encouraging say i should stay because of the family. Well i don't really feel excited to go. Coming sibayak medan trip might be cancel due to work overseas. Don't feel like going either. 
2 months over. But still feel quite lousy mood back here in sg. Perheps is my back and tummy discomforts. Didn't go sick training or running training. Just did a day ophir trip to see the cleanliness there. Was good. Cleaned up but need people to write paper to ensure. 


星期一, 7月 27, 2015
~~ flying away 7/27/2015 12:22:00 上午 ~~
2 months back home...
Just got back from a packed weekend. Saturday went for the NE Show 3 to shoot the aerial display and fireworks. This year is SG50 so a lot of events are upscale. Nights before I already took some night shots and posted to FB all together.

Sunday was pretty packed too. Morning went for Albert meeting and helping him to minutes. Only got 6 pages in. Typed. Still have 10 more pages to go for typing. After that, went for bday dinner for Charis. It was a good gathering. Looking back the last photo was taken during 2012.

As clearing my digital space was the necessary step for me to move forward.

Lots of memories flown back to me when I started photography.

First camera was a film Olympus camera used for my OBA trip as well as my ECE besties till now back in Poly days. Not forgetting for covering NPTKD events as well.

Second camera was my Fuji violet which I like it very much. Got it after army. When I was working in Showa for a short 9 months stint then I got my degree scholarship and started NTU life.

My third camera was the Blue Lumix for my adventure waterproof one. For EBC, Kilimanjaro.

My fourth camera is Nikon D5200. Prior to that I was using Charis one to try out. It was with me till my TMC. I added on 2 more lenses Sigma 18-250mm and Tokina II 11-18mm.

My firth camera is Nikon D7100. Got this body to complement the D5200. This was for the purpose of my Iceland Photography Course.

Looking at my old photos, I can't believe that my brother-in-law has left. It is really tough to move forward. Need to jiayou! Don''t procrastinate. What we have is a lifetime only. Really.


星期二, 6月 30, 2015
~~ flying away 6/30/2015 11:54:00 上午 ~~
Back for a month...
A month has passed. June. Getting back to the normalcy back here. Adapting and trying not to forget the learning back during the 4 months overseas. 

10 days of no work setting personal stuff at home and sis home is simply inadequate. 

Currently feels the struggle in keeping focus at work and things back home and what the future will last. If I want to switch I need to do it fast and strong and keep to it. As by 40, I should be an expert on it. Got the dreams/goals written down. But yet to take firm actions. 

Lambak trek my back is a little aching but now seems back to normal. Need to re-start the SICK training soon.


星期二, 6月 16, 2015
~~ flying away 6/16/2015 06:57:00 下午 ~~
Getting back on track...
15 days back in Singapore. Life indeed goes back to normal routine but feeling really more time tight and tiring as well.


星期四, 6月 11, 2015
~~ flying away 6/11/2015 01:04:00 上午 ~~
Family graduation photo...

I dragged. Till now. And now that he is gone. No longer can we have a group photo without photoshop.

I guess if we keep procrastinating then there will be a time of no return as well.

Indeed, now or never.


星期四, 6月 04, 2015
~~ flying away 6/04/2015 01:08:00 上午 ~~
Continue where I left of and more...
Coming back was a little hard and sad that it has ended. 

I guess change is always hard. Changing to go travel and changing to go work and more this time. Sister side is a big headache which I also don't know where to start. 

Tomorrow will be claim new nric, go submit claim, fix my sigma lens filter, clean dslr body, PC show, dinner with sis maybe. 


星期二, 6月 02, 2015
~~ flying away 6/02/2015 11:31:00 上午 ~~
Back Home...
Finally, back home. Well to some it seems long, to some it seems short. As trip can span 1 days to 10 months even. But I really need to come Home to settle stuffs at home. Will resume the backpacking trip to Thailand, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), South Vietnam, maybe add China (Xiamen), Macau in as well.

And of course, the next big trip will be Patagonia, South America. Making it a much better trip than this Scandinavia which is already very beautiful despite my lack of planning.

Many things need to clear. Doubt I can finish before 10 June, restart of work. But will manage one by one.


星期六, 4月 25, 2015
~~ flying away 4/25/2015 11:13:00 下午 ~~
Farming... darkest before the dawn.
Almost 1 week plus a little doing farming work. Very tired and back aching badly. Well i expect and prepare that it is tough work. I didn't expect it to be so tough. All the lifting and carrying of the wood and the glass panels plus my backpack for hours during the walk in Göteborg has really ached my back. For 2 days.

I hope it is just temporary and i will be better. Learning lesson as nobody will know about yourself better than yourself. I should have taken care my body better and not over work the hours. The host did say i can take it easy for this week.

It is really tough work for even 5 hours a day for full physical labour. Perhaps i really didn't do it not just fast and efficient but also sustainable health. 

Still need to last till 3 may. I booked bus to leave for Copenhagen on 4 may morning. 5 hours bus ride down South. Trip to Oslo for 3 days. Then back on 30 apr. 1 may can go Göteborg to see the demonstration for worker rights. Not going to leave parts of my luggage as it is really troublesome to come back and get it.


星期一, 4月 06, 2015
~~ flying away 4/06/2015 06:36:00 下午 ~~
Leaving Amsele...
Finally it is my turn to leave Amsele. Looking back, seeing Alexandra for the first time and doing first the groceries shopping at ICA, where we were still trying to get to know each other. Well i may be just another serial killer out there right? Or maybe she is too. Nah. In the end we both ain't.