Citius, Altius, Fortius
星期二, 2月 02, 2016
~~ flying away 2/02/2016 08:04:00 上午 ~~
Finally got back to the work and commitment in sg. But just 3 weeks from arrival back in sg is so fast! Work unable to deliver more work. Think I'm very distracted at work sometimes.

Unable to upload photos via this app and phone as it keep saying unable to find files....
Anyway, xt seems to be attached as I saw her fb post with a guy close to him with arm by waist. Well to be frank it is still hard now even it is like two months passed.

Done with the last weekend frenzy of photoshoots and pre cny steamboat dinner with family but this year less jiefu :(  life is indeed short.

I managed to take the plunge to rent a fx Nikon d750 and 70-200 f2.8 lens and I decided to throw in another 85mm f1.4 lens. Omg that is the best decision! It is a much better lens than earlier one the colour and speed.

Did one for my tmc friend xr and Al. Well it is fun I managed to apply some typical couple shots I saw online. But the piggy back it is nice by the side view. As for a solo lady it was much harder to get shots as she is wearing white and unable to sit on ground. The next family very on one bit I shld have done the wife hug husband and husband raise up child shot.

I was thinking to shoot another on sun morning before I return the gears rented. But got like 4 rejections from friends and also zh too so 5 in total but what is 5 when people fails even more than me! Then I uploaded my dad reading papers photos on personal Photography I saw evon from my piano expressway classmate like my photo again.

I decided to ask her too and she readily agree as sun morning she happen to be free!!! Omg!!! And we did like 2 hours so naturally with the flow. I managed to shoot from the tunnel behind and up reverse direction! Amazing experience!

Then I return the lenses and body on time and took train home as there was still time. The day before was much rush after the third shoot it was 4pm. I too cab to save some time as I need to meet d later in the evening. The date is great bingsu too!! We spent like 4 to 5 hrs chatting from 645 till 2200 hrs!! She is really a nice person!

Website is also done initial cut. And meetup event publicity too. Still own the instax checking... for trek for hope, delay by a day le. 

Monday evening a little wasted my time again as the WorldVentures came... lol what biz idea. i really dislike network marketing... i guess i was blinded by seeing another lady so to increase the number. Right keep saying it is a number game... haha.. 


星期五, 1月 29, 2016
~~ flying away 1/29/2016 11:49:00 下午 ~~
10 years...

Today went for the ama dablem sharing. I ask why the wait for 10 years to come back to climb. But the gap between is and them seems too wide.


星期四, 1月 21, 2016
~~ flying away 1/21/2016 08:46:00 上午 ~~
2016 major climb...

Okay. Finally decided to go for the French alps and India partial support for an 6000+ peak in India.

Need is to plan my leaves for the upcoming trips and possible some buffer leaves as well for last min contingencies.

Well summit whatever style, not sure how difficult but will try safely. Most importantly is the photos and safely descend to go home.


星期日, 1月 10, 2016
~~ flying away 1/10/2016 03:06:00 下午 ~~
Winter Annapurna...
Frozen charming. My fingers and toes are so painful due to the biting cold.
It is really sad that we are unable to summit due to bad weather esp the wind and cold. Water is frozen at Chulu West so can't go. Thorong Peak slightly better but too windy. So unable to summit either. 

Back to work. Came back on Sunday to clear some email. Today unable to OT as need to go over to my sister home to check her PC as it is slow for loading Korean drama. 

The trip in general was a good lesson. Unable to fulfilled my dream of standing at 6000m+ altitude. Still was able to bag another 5000+ level with much comfort. Slept at 5400m. Ate diamox wonder is it because of it so can sleep well. My fingers and toes till now is still tingling. Hope it will get better. My right knee is still ache when going up stair. My back on the right side is a little uncomfortable.

The first part was rather chill a little tired but was okay. We reached Manang, Ghusang, Ledar, 4200m rather smooth. For most except one without much experience. To be frank I wish to travel with older people. Can learn better from them rather than sharing and giving advice which may usually be bin.

The second part then we realised we are unable to go Chulu West Peak as there was no water at the base camp. So we changed to Thorong Peak as there is a Ice Lake we can break that to melt and get water.

The third part. Toughest. As we attempt to hit 5800m campsite, high camp, we failed as the wind was just too strong and we had to retreat to 5400m campsite. Base camp for the next 3 days. We reached 5600m then. 2 out of 5 were still feeling okay. 2 little weak. 1 super weak. I am amazed how my assistant guide clipped the 4 day packs together and he single-handed carry them down. We attempt the summit at 9am. Too late as the wind was still blowing. Plus the fixed rope were not setup beforehand. We was waiting while going up.

The fourth part and last. Descend and R and R and home. Unable to go Poon Hill as 3 out of 5 say skip it. There is chance to go in April but my leaves are miserable as I simply used too much. 2K to do ABC + Poon Hill. Maybe 2017 or even later. But the cost will just keep rising...

3 weeks to CNY and APO trek. Need to resume training this week soon after TCM acupuncture.

Things to do, resolution 2016 and overdue work:

- Buy new year goodies
- CNY early dinner with family
- pass some $$$ up to 1k for dad debt

- convert matlab code to C
- static linux bug
- co-demo for C# WPF GUI with COTS toolkit
- Apply leave (T4H 5 days and Vietnam photo tour 2 days)

Computing (learning)
- Scripting
- Web based stuffs** to to work on this and specific

Financial Planning
- need to budget and save and find avenue to earn

- Clean bodies
- Clean lens (sigma, tokina)
- Clean tripod
- setup my website + blog (trek and pack tips, photo/video, food, adventure travel tips)

- Apo (Philippines) Feb 16
- Tabur East (Msia) Feb 16
- T4H (Philippines) Mar 16
- Photo (Vietnam - HCM Saigon) May 16

Travel (planning)
- Backpack indochine(Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar) + thailand + xiamen
- Backpack trek, run HK
- Family trip to HK
- Backpack South America + Aconcagua + Patagonia

- Spanish (babbel paid 5 USD per month for 1 year)
- Swimming

- work on it! Jiayou! Believe in yourself
- face and hair take care 


星期三, 12月 16, 2015
~~ flying away 12/16/2015 03:37:00 下午 ~~
$$ Painful lesson
Should have did more home work and then go shop. NEVER TRUST the sales person. I should have check online or second hand shop price like clubsnap. 638.00 SGD = tripod + parano head + plate

I think to get rid of it, i need to sell at 1/2 price at worse. Seems like there is much better tripod out there.


Learn from clubsnap

Stay polite and civil. If at one point any party feels uncomfortable to continue - just state it politely and leave.

For Buyers:
Define your budget. Stay within your budget. If you can't afford now it's best to wait a bit and save. All prices will come down, sooner or later.
Read up about the specifications of the item (features, functions, accessories, compatibility with your existing equipment).
Read up about common problems with the item you intend to buy. Use Google (search word '[item] problems' helps), read up in CS or other forums. Ask people who own the item.
Read up how to test the item to verify its functionality. If unsure, ask a friend who is more familiar to accompany you.
Compare the offered prices with the current street prices in Singapore. Do take note of 'local prices' versus 'grey market prices'.
Read up about the manufacturer's terms for warranty coverage and warranty transfer from the seller to you.
Agree on a reasonable location and time for both parties. Usually it will be the seller's places or nearby. Daylight is better for checking than torch light.
Caveat Emptor - Let the Buyer Beware. It is your responsibility to check the item thoroughly and verify it is exactly as described.
No last minute discount requests. Respect that items have their value and price.


星期日, 12月 13, 2015
~~ flying away 12/13/2015 11:24:00 下午 ~~
Ask and didn't ask

Was thinking to ask her to be my girlfriend. But I didn't. I not sure is it the place is too many people, I sense she was feeling uncomfortable there, or I just didn't dare to say it.

Tripod. Didn't buy gitzo too ex. Bought velbon but the improvement in weight seems minimal. And the size is bigger. I should have brought my tripod to compare.

Bought because of the rush.

Looking at gitzo spec. With head seems like comparable weight.


星期三, 11月 25, 2015
~~ flying away 11/25/2015 06:51:00 下午 ~~
Second cycle done. 8 more to go. Which is 8 years. Going to tekong and feed mosquito not too much fun. But well at least I get to know the guys more.
Complete and submitted the world nomad photography assignment competition. 15 pages of about 10 person per page. Miss read 1500 characters with words... Felt a little wasted my time but at least I have a copy of the document.
It crashes with apo in cny. Again cny not at home because of travel. I should have plan to bring my parents to hk. But flight I not sure they can handle. Esp Mother. I do feel the stress seeing all 3 of them not handling their lives well enuff.
Still have lots of work I haven do and learn. Black Friday coming well still need to pack bag then I will know what to bring and lack. But today is the last day I code a wpf gui and tidy my logistics. I rmb to patch the duffel but forget to go travel clinic. Schedule too packed with dinner after 7. Need to have time for self.
Should I have rejected the offer to go coney island and sitex on Sunday. Lack of time and not training enuff.


星期三, 11月 11, 2015
~~ flying away 11/11/2015 02:26:00 下午 ~~
2015 closing in....

Going for ICT soon but so much work at coy not done. To be frank felt quite sad whenever I see couple couple and wedding shots. Is it that my dream too? Or is paint by the main stream that everyone is doing so?

Nonetheless, still have my to-do list from my Scandinavia not done yet. At least I settle my phone replacement. From Apple, Samsung to Sony. Because of dimmer screen, longer battery and to try a new phone as well. Since it boast to have a better camera as well.

Going for one more date tonight. I guess the more people you meet, I kinda of fearful I will meet someone who already have someone in mind but just to try out. Just pointless and waste time.


星期一, 11月 09, 2015
~~ flying away 11/09/2015 03:23:00 下午 ~~
ict coming...
Finally, wash my light down jacket. Hand wash with the Nixwax solution. But I then realise it must be dry at low heat and not air dry as the flume will get clam together. Then I went to find tennis balls and realised market and popular all don't have except sports shop. So got from WOS. When I return I realise my top wash isn't ideal too and it doesn't get dry. So I quickly google to find the nearest public dryer. Found at Yuhua market. Finally problem solved but took me quick a lot of time. 

Also collected mountaineering gears for coming Chulu climb. Still have a waterproof pants/bib to buy but they are not cheap. Time is running out. 

The badges is finalised for design after 5 and half iteration. Called the last to clarify. 125sgd for 5. 

Left with 6 weeks or so to go with the big work as follow
1. Prep for trek
2. Remove, tidy and clear house
3. Photo submission for worldnomad
4. Iceland photo video edit
5. Coy work

Still have the details not listed out. 


星期四, 10月 29, 2015
~~ flying away 10/29/2015 12:15:00 下午 ~~


星期二, 10月 27, 2015
~~ flying away 10/27/2015 05:33:00 下午 ~~
Lesson. Coming.

Did all four stations. Last false summit managed to do the stairs for 2x. As for work, i'm really lacking behind since for the 2 years i was doing too much C. Glad got C Linux. Need to work on my OO and VC.

Glad my knee got all better after I went to see TCM for acu and ba guan, Novena Elizabeth Specilaist TOC and also DIY watson Ebene gluco rub 10%. Now will be more careful when training think i hurt it when descend from the stairs when training at NUS AS7.

Need to get mother to exercise and day care, else the muscle will keep getting weaker.

After taking Photography and Guitar aka music classes, time to take fitness, IT classes and my bike and swimming lessons.


星期一, 10月 12, 2015
~~ flying away 10/12/2015 10:06:00 上午 ~~
Injuried knee weekend...
Went to Wah Lok to treat jiefu friends for helping for the rental flat part as they didn't received and commission from my sister.

As for my lousy knee went to acupuncture and ba guan. Seems like little better the zheng gu shui seems not too helping and suan as well.

So no physical training, i went to finish two books on singaporeans went climbing 8000 peaks via alpine and expedition styles.


星期六, 10月 10, 2015
~~ flying away 10/10/2015 02:21:00 下午 ~~
Official photo shoot

Finally, did the official photo shoot. Need to tune the auro focus fine tune so as to zero the lens to the body. To ensure focus is really where u want it to be. First case is a ballet girl with parents. Well only the ballet girl. Shot in aperture mode mainly. Iso800.

Going to check my knee at 517 to see it. Not painful but the click when squat and run and going down stairs is also.


星期五, 9月 25, 2015
~~ flying away 9/25/2015 08:24:00 下午 ~~
Refrigerator cleaned, bleached bowl and image consulted...

3 months plus back, 重新出发。Takes a lot of effort. I still feel quite lousy. Work and love. My knee after nuang hurts so I'm really afraid it will get worse.

My flu and cough isn't healing. 2molo see doc?

Finally cleared my image consulted. 450 bucks of smart casual clothes. No more these shopping!


星期三, 9月 23, 2015
~~ flying away 9/23/2015 01:02:00 下午 ~~
4 months after...

Mum's conditions worsen. Need to up the meds dosage. Need to redo all the food intake.