Citius, Altius, Fortius
星期一, 7月 27, 2015
~~ flying away 7/27/2015 12:22:00 上午 ~~
2 months back home...
Just got back from a packed weekend. Saturday went for the NE Show 3 to shoot the aerial display and fireworks. This year is SG50 so a lot of events are upscale. Nights before I already took some night shots and posted to FB all together.

Sunday was pretty packed too. Morning went for Albert meeting and helping him to minutes. Only got 6 pages in. Typed. Still have 10 more pages to go for typing. After that, went for bday dinner for Charis. It was a good gathering. Looking back the last photo was taken during 2012.

As clearing my digital space was the necessary step for me to move forward.

Lots of memories flown back to me when I started photography.

First camera was a film Olympus camera used for my OBA trip as well as my ECE besties till now back in Poly days. Not forgetting for covering NPTKD events as well.

Second camera was my Fuji violet which I like it very much. Got it after army. When I was working in Showa for a short 9 months stint then I got my degree scholarship and started NTU life.

My third camera was the Blue Lumix for my adventure waterproof one. For EBC, Kilimanjaro.

My fourth camera is Nikon D5200. Prior to that I was using Charis one to try out. It was with me till my TMC. I added on 2 more lenses Sigma 18-250mm and Tokina II 11-18mm.

My firth camera is Nikon D7100. Got this body to complement the D5200. This was for the purpose of my Iceland Photography Course.

Looking at my old photos, I can't believe that my brother-in-law has left. It is really tough to move forward. Need to jiayou! Don''t procrastinate. What we have is a lifetime only. Really.


星期二, 6月 30, 2015
~~ flying away 6/30/2015 11:54:00 上午 ~~
Back for a month...
A month has passed. June. Getting back to the normalcy back here. Adapting and trying not to forget the learning back during the 4 months overseas. 

10 days of no work setting personal stuff at home and sis home is simply inadequate. 

Currently feels the struggle in keeping focus at work and things back home and what the future will last. If I want to switch I need to do it fast and strong and keep to it. As by 40, I should be an expert on it. Got the dreams/goals written down. But yet to take firm actions. 

Lambak trek my back is a little aching but now seems back to normal. Need to re-start the SICK training soon.


星期二, 6月 16, 2015
~~ flying away 6/16/2015 06:57:00 下午 ~~
Getting back on track...
15 days back in Singapore. Life indeed goes back to normal routine but feeling really more time tight and tiring as well.


星期四, 6月 11, 2015
~~ flying away 6/11/2015 01:04:00 上午 ~~
Family graduation photo...

I dragged. Till now. And now that he is gone. No longer can we have a group photo without photoshop.

I guess if we keep procrastinating then there will be a time of no return as well.

Indeed, now or never.


星期四, 6月 04, 2015
~~ flying away 6/04/2015 01:08:00 上午 ~~
Continue where I left of and more...
Coming back was a little hard and sad that it has ended. 

I guess change is always hard. Changing to go travel and changing to go work and more this time. Sister side is a big headache which I also don't know where to start. 

Tomorrow will be claim new nric, go submit claim, fix my sigma lens filter, clean dslr body, PC show, dinner with sis maybe. 


星期二, 6月 02, 2015
~~ flying away 6/02/2015 11:31:00 上午 ~~
Back Home...
Finally, back home. Well to some it seems long, to some it seems short. As trip can span 1 days to 10 months even. But I really need to come Home to settle stuffs at home. Will resume the backpacking trip to Thailand, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), South Vietnam, maybe add China (Xiamen), Macau in as well.

And of course, the next big trip will be Patagonia, South America. Making it a much better trip than this Scandinavia which is already very beautiful despite my lack of planning.

Many things need to clear. Doubt I can finish before 10 June, restart of work. But will manage one by one.


星期六, 4月 25, 2015
~~ flying away 4/25/2015 11:13:00 下午 ~~
Farming... darkest before the dawn.
Almost 1 week plus a little doing farming work. Very tired and back aching badly. Well i expect and prepare that it is tough work. I didn't expect it to be so tough. All the lifting and carrying of the wood and the glass panels plus my backpack for hours during the walk in Göteborg has really ached my back. For 2 days.

I hope it is just temporary and i will be better. Learning lesson as nobody will know about yourself better than yourself. I should have taken care my body better and not over work the hours. The host did say i can take it easy for this week.

It is really tough work for even 5 hours a day for full physical labour. Perhaps i really didn't do it not just fast and efficient but also sustainable health. 

Still need to last till 3 may. I booked bus to leave for Copenhagen on 4 may morning. 5 hours bus ride down South. Trip to Oslo for 3 days. Then back on 30 apr. 1 may can go Göteborg to see the demonstration for worker rights. Not going to leave parts of my luggage as it is really troublesome to come back and get it.


星期一, 4月 06, 2015
~~ flying away 4/06/2015 06:36:00 下午 ~~
Leaving Amsele...
Finally it is my turn to leave Amsele. Looking back, seeing Alexandra for the first time and doing first the groceries shopping at ICA, where we were still trying to get to know each other. Well i may be just another serial killer out there right? Or maybe she is too. Nah. In the end we both ain't. 


星期二, 3月 24, 2015
~~ flying away 3/24/2015 05:57:00 下午 ~~
1 month plus away from home...
I left home on the 13 Feb Friday, and today is 24 Mar Tuesday. I think is 41 days away from home.

*Just lost all the words I typed on my phone... just because I want to spell time lapse correctly... :(
Okay re-type!

6 days in UK has been an eye opener. Thanks to Albert, Norman, Joon Ting, John for the company during the stay in Oxford and London. The most memorable event i think was when i lost my credit card. I only came to realise this when i was making payment for my purchase at Lilywhites for my second luggage as in Europe the baggage per bag is 20Kg not 30Kg for international. I thought I left in near the Big Ben station so I took the tube to go back to find the store where I bought my quick lunch. When I reached I tried to find and couldn't find it. Then I came to second realisation that it was where I came from. Lilywhites metro station. I had to calm myself down and gain composure to do it. I got back there and went to find the store. Found. Went to speak with the store assistants and waited for some time and got it back safely! Thankful! Call Citibank on my Skype just to make sure no illegal transactions when on bus wifi back Oxford.

21 days in Iceland. First 13 days was on my own. I should have review the weather forecast then decided on my travel plan. So to better increase the chances to catch Northern Lights. As my homework done was too little, i simply went up north and slowly made my way to West Peninsula. But because of this I met Roi and went on travelling with him for 3 days. Hitchhike style. Just paid for petrol and treated him dinner once. Second part 7 days was a pity as the weather was pretty bad. We had none sunrise nor sunset shots as the weather is cloudy, stormy, flurry or the worst is hail. Plus it fell short of what was marketed online. Didn't do much for the time lapse and night photography. The good part was at least some form of supervision plus guidance on composition and camera setting. I am really thankful that my cameras and equipments are still okay. Just a little scratches and lost a neprene camera cover only. My classmates, one broke a lens, one drop her body and lens into the salt water.

Sweden. On going. So far reached on 11 March as my initial flight was cancelled due to bad weather and strike. 14 days have passed. First week was doing well. But as news of our Founding PM Mr Lee is in hospital as well as my brother-in-law too warded. Feeling is heavy. To be frank I didn't know what to do. To go back or to stay on. Dilemma. Just called my 2nd sis and dad. At least both and my mother are doing okay.

I thought that mishap should more likely happen to me. Just heard news a plane airbus in Europe just crash and no survivors. As the solid food struck and resulted in lack of oxygen to the brain for more than 30min. He is still unconscious. While doing work on the scanning fabric and finding them. I am pretty distracted. My host is very nice and I can leave anytime I want. Deep down, there is a voice saying go home and stop and this was in like the 1st week to travel. Another voice says pressed on and fulfilled the promise I made.

After two days of having full sleep and thoughts, not much conclusion either. I still couldn't decide. Should I just call my next host saying I can't come due to my brother-in-law and my sister. Be there. Just to be there. Or continue with my workaway? I don't know.

I do hate to visit hospital. Did recently to visit a friend who warded as he fell from the rock wall. I hate to attend funeral as well. So tonight think! And decide.


星期日, 2月 08, 2015
~~ flying away 2/08/2015 01:05:00 上午 ~~
Box up from office...
Finally, last day of work to start my NPL instead of really leaving. The last day was final clearing of bugs before leaving. Manage to solve the 3 bugs before 3pm after the company CNY celebration lunch. Started cleaning up and shredding all the unused documents. Wow another 3 years plus worth of material. Again I asked myself why is there so many stuffs in the end, they all end up in the trash can.

Plans for travelling this coming 3 months. Finally I see a glimpse of light but still blurry as I am tired from all the spring cleaning. Have been doing them I think from December onwards and it is still an unfinished task!

Have to stop and restart the planning and packing! Very vital.

Things to plan for the trip:
1. Things to do in London, Oxford
2. Transport means within London

Money matter for the trip
1. Credit cards bring and pins
2. Cash
3. Exchange to pound and USD

1. Valentine Day card for X

Things to do before I fly:

1. Will writing
2. Buy stuff for Albert
3. Clean my D5200 camera (Monday)
4. Mother 2x medical appointment
5. Learn to use my stove
6. Learn to pitch my tent
7. Learn to use the miniworks water device
8. Learn to use my D7100
9. Learn to use my GPS and geocaching
10. Gear list 


星期六, 1月 31, 2015
~~ flying away 1/31/2015 10:20:00 上午 ~~
So many workaway rejections...
Yes. Many rejections. All Iceland hosts rejected my requests. I then received 2 from Sweden. Accepted. And now here I am at one host home. Thankful for the shelter and food and web! Times flies and soon I be leaving. 

Need to do the following 
1. Amsele video
2. Transport to Gothenburg 
3. Travel plan to Denmark Germany Switzerland 
4. Booking for Stockholm
5. Send postcards back home, about myself and close friends
6. Start packing
7. Use my stove
8. Blend star trail photos together - done!


星期三, 1月 21, 2015
~~ flying away 1/21/2015 09:00:00 上午 ~~
Count down 20 days...

Only left with 20 days of preparation time. To settle things at home plus travel plan with booking.

Kinda of short as i still need to go work. Well now at at least there is clarity on the date of leaving well npl first. Withdrawn my resignation for now.

Pro-rated. Understand this well! Thou i will get another month of salary even i am on leave. Wrong! Only calculated to npl period! 1 day only haha!

We learnt. Lack of knowledge. Need to read and ask and find.

Buy faster than i can use the stuff i bought.

Down for 3 days. Post half marathon makanthon fever and stomach issue again.

Time and money and youth/energy. Need to better manage them!

First thing is to settle my mom's appt at both polyclinic and jmc. Call later to make changes to 9 to 12 feb while I'm still around.


星期一, 1月 19, 2015
~~ flying away 1/19/2015 09:01:00 上午 ~~
Skyhawk run

I come to realise on the bus journey back. Not just i have squander my money, time was another that i spend without much thinking!

Glad went on the skyhawk no matter what. Hotel 100 bucks for 1 person. It is rhe priceless experience since i was so last minute. 

Kuching or muar really need to review and see i have the time. Opportunity cost.
All except one small package has been received. One is vpost which very easily miss out. All in but not tried. Not even my filters. Need do the following

1. UK travel details
2. Iceland travel details
3. Home settling of tidying up
4. Bag packing

5200 or similar model as 2nd body 2nd hand need to start finding.


Recent new year trip was a leisure trek trip.

Day 0 and 1 - 31 12 2014 , 1 1 2015
Fly out from sg to dps at 8pm
Very rush as i went back office for half day before heading to clementi maybank. Head to the airport by train. Reached at 7pm late by 30min. Airasia less than half full probably due to the accident. Reach and was transfer to the snorkeling place manjangan island. Lucky heed to ken advise to eat less breakfast. Didn't puke that much.

Then we went to hotel catimor where we checkin to go ijen. Quite a far ride to java.

Day 2 - 2 1 2015
Woke up in the morning to start hiking. As it was 1 hr behind bali or sg time. Nevertheless we are still late by an hr. Coz they overslept. Glad i brought my goggles. The fumes at ijen crater was irritating. 

Unable to focus my lens. Should have brought my standing tripod. To have  better view and focus. Then we came out, jasmine asthma attack a little. But all gd. We went out and started field cooking. Then we ate mee then go down.

We changed the itinerary by going back to bath first. Then go to the waterfall and hot spring bath which cost only 8000 rp i think. Then we went back hotel for a gd full sleep before we head out to noars white water rafting.

Day 3 3 3 2015
It is one of the best i did. With enuff water and even have a waterfall with it.

Next we continue on a change itinerary to go to madakaripura waterfall for a visit before driving up to 2000m to bromo area.

Day 4 - 4 1 2015
We woke up in the morning 3am to be driven up in 4wd. Too many people to see the sunrise. We then head down to the savanna to go up the crater.  I decided not go further up like what jasmine and daniel did. Not sure why. Even i can get a higher view for better photos. Perhaps i think it is unsafe or i am too disturbed with the amount of trash around the area.

Day 5 5 1 2015
12 hrs drive from bromo back to kuta bali. Very far. Reach at 3am slept to 9am. Kuta beach. Too lazy to wake up in the morning to go beach and view. Did some food shopping and we are back home.


星期五, 1月 09, 2015
~~ flying away 1/09/2015 09:31:00 上午 ~~
Finally, I am going to leave.

Thinking of resigning and actually doing it are totally different feeling. It was a tough decision to leave plus I'm leaving without securing a next job.


星期二, 12月 30, 2014
~~ flying away 12/30/2014 04:43:00 下午 ~~
Finally I have start serious planning for my backpacking trip 2015.

I come to realise that I have not put in the required amount of consideration and time to the planning. Falling very short.

Looking back at my money spending, I should be more prudent and have it well spend. The dating thing really cost me a bomb especially the most high cost one doesn't means good service. My first date was great. But all subsequent ones are not really my type. Whereas the online one which costs much much lesser was better in my opinion.

I also went to see the hair doctor at ION. Not cheap. 500 bucks with consultation. I should have tried the local clinic will be much cheaper. I doubt I will follow up with them.

After reviewing Andrew's online video on planning and going for trip, the most important is to ask why go for the trip. What is the objective? What do I want to achieve?

As usual the overconfidence got into me, I did spring cleaning and planning together last minute. Not going to work. Plus I stay have a trip tomorrow to Bali and another 2 days to Malacca. Glad I crapped the Ice Climb to Langtang. Really have no bandwidth.

I guess I didn't consider the magnitude of the trip i'm embarking on. Solo trek trip. Means every single thing will be self sufficient. No like the past trip I went on with guide. Because now I am the guide, the cook, the porter, and the participant!

Too much over spending as well as I don't calculate my spending whether my saving can afford it. Coming all together are the following which I forget to say NO to. Which XT shared with me the warren buffet on focusing. I should really do so.

- 1 year worth of extreme sports coverage 2k~ bucks
- hair 530 bucks
- dating almost 4k bucks

The rest will be my camping gears but I know I will still use them as I wish to go a 6500m peak soon.
Going to buy a simple shovel for now.

Feeling quite moody as going to leave, plus so much uncertainties, still couldn't find my 2FA dongles. Need 20 bucks for replacement, still not clearing my home well, should shipped to vpost as got more discounts by citibank cards etc...

Jiayou... your blues will be soon over. After rain then will have rainbow! Press on!