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Year coming to an end...

Finally, decided not to go for masters studies. As I felt I need to improve on my programming then going for a curriculum.

Being together for 1 year ++ has been so good. I really felt loved.
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free work...

Well the work for 4 hours of shooting and almost another 5-6 hours of editing only cost 20 bucks meal.

So cheap.

Oopss.. It is for people you know. Close to you. And during the treat I decided to just shoot more. And thinking it will provide better image to them but at the expense of my value and work. Indeed. Don't do for them seems bad. Do already and some extra also got whack... hai~

Well not more this kind of crap. I have enough practices then. As for the flash photography, ISO still have to set 800 to 1000 min as the light is really not enough and the shutter speed must be at least 1/100 anything lower the person will be blur. As for aperture too big will result in blur too as shallow depth of field.

Mmm.. waiting for someone something to discuss sound stressful like something bad is happening and I'm hanging.


Back from Bandung, still have lots of stuff not done. The different roles to play brother, son, photographer, trip organiser, engineer, partner, cleaner, for myself... Really tough. Find myself get easily irritated.


Total I have 3 photo shoots. Actually one more with JQ.

Need to keep to F4 when one is not on the same focal plane!!

Need to also be professional and act as if we know what we want even we are not there yet. Give specific queue and be to the point.

Second KY gathering...

The second gathering. Nanda unable to attend as he went to KL.

Finally, I understood why I won't climb with them again.

First, I just felt some people will just be caring for the people important and their own goals. They will not care so much about other people's goals. Same a little disappointed in them. They will not ask you about your goals nor concern about them. Then again, we are having different objective. My goal is more of enjoy and take photos while they and leader will be summit. Then again, they are just surface climbing mates. I would think my Kili buddies are better. But too bad they won't climb much already.

Right knee has been slightly better due to swimming. Need to work on it more in gym.

Just completed packing camera gears for NDP Preview 1 shoot. But heavy load.

Still reading my FA notes to prepare for Sunday assessment.

Moving forward from 6000m...

I still felt bad for not summit my 3rd attempt at 6000m.

Able to train well due to work, photo and knee. Made training hard. Seeing specialist and taking MRI is waste of money. I only know the diagnosis. Then again need to see a physio to get it re-strengthen.

Need to clear the photos for JQ, helping hands video, SP has to select 10-20 photos to upload, KY edit and upload. Need to clear my trip store and buy another dehumid box for lens as I got 2 more big lenses FX. Need to get the 24mm F2.8 lens? Need to clean my camera sensor too.

Travel well just small trips out.